Mam or Ma’am – Which Spelling Is Correct?

The English language is comprised of many different words and phrases. Some of them have very similar spelling but have different meanings. The words Ma’am & Mam are a prime example of such a situation. In this post, we’ll explain the difference between these two words & show how to use them correctly in your writing!

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Which Is The Correct Spelling: Mam or Ma’am?

image showing the difference between Ma'am and Mam

At first glance, Mam and Ma’am seem nearly identical. They even have the same pronunciation! However, just like we saw in our analysis of the words Everyones and Everyone’s, even small spelling changes matter! Let’s dive into the main difference between Ma’am and Mam.

  • Mam – Informal way to refer to one’s mother. Mam is a very casual term that should not be used in formal contexts.
  • Ma’am – Equivalent to addressing a woman as Miss or Missus. Ma’am is the short form of madam and is used to address a woman politely in very formal settings.

Takeaway – The word Ma’am is a contraction of the word madam, used to address a female superior. Mam is an informal way to address a mother.

How To Use Mam

The term “Mam” carries with it a sense of warmth and familiarity, commonly used as an affectionate way to address one’s mother. Just like the terms Aunty or Auntie, Mam is a term of endearment and respect.

The word Mam is most commonly used in the United Kingdom, Ireland, and some parts of the United States. If you want to address a mother or motherly figure, the correct answer is Mam.

Who should be addressed as Mam?

  • Your Mother
  • Mother of a friend or associate

However, just like we learned in our post about sounds good synonym, you should not use informal vocabulary in formal writing!

Sentence Examples

Here are some examples of how you can use Mam correctly in your writing.

  1. Mam, can I have a cookie?
  2. Mam, I don’t want to go to school!
  3. Mam, I’m hungry!
  4. Mam, I need a hug!
  5. Mam, I love you!

How To Use Ma’am

As we already mentioned, the term “Ma’am” is a polite form of address for a woman. This term conveys respect & admiration for a woman that holds a higher position or age.

It is a shortened form of “madam” and is often utilized in conversation or in service-related scenarios. Unlike the terms Hun or Hon, Ma’am can be used in a formal writing context.

Who should you address as Ma’am?

  • Female Teacher
  • Female Superior officer
  • Female Elder

Using the word “Ma’am” demonstrates a level of respect & courteousness to your female superiors.

Sentence Examples

Here are some sentence examples demonstrating how you can use Ma’am correctly in your writing.

  1. Ma’am, I am requesting to be relieved of duty.
  2. Excuse me, Ma’am, could I schedule a meeting with you?
  3. I do not know the answer to that question Ma’am.
  4. I’m not sure Ma’am; but, I will look into this issue and report back.
  5. I am happy to accept your generous offer Ma’am!

Popularity Analysis

Image of google's Ngram data for Ma'am & Mam

By reviewing Google Ngram data we can see that Ma’am is used far more frequently than Mam. This makes sense considering there are far more situations & contexts in which Ma’am can be used. However, Mam can only be used to address a mother.

Just like we saw in our analysis of the terms Nanna vs Nana, data can change. The vocabulary of our published authors changes throughout time. There is no way of telling if Ma’am will continue to be used more frequently than Mam!

Addressing A Teacher

When addressing a teacher you should use the spelling “ma’am”. This would be the equivalent of calling your teacher missus or miss & is a sign of respect. Teachers should not be addressed with informal terms or phrases. Here are some examples of how you can address women teachers.

  1. Excuse me, Ma’am. Can I use the restroom?
  2. Ma’am, I have finished my test and would like to turn it in.
  3. Hello Ma’am, where do I turn in my research paper?

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is correct ma’am or mam?

Both Mam and Ma’am can be used correctly. Use Mam when referring to a Mother. Ma’am is used to respectfully address a woman. It is the short form of the word madam.

Is Mam a correct word?

Mam is a correct word. It is a casual way of address a mother. For example, “Excuse me Mam, am I allowed to go to my friends house?”

Are MAM and ma’am the same?

Mam & Ma’am are not the same thing. Mam is used in reference to a mother in casual settings. Ma’am is a polite way to address a woman. Ma’am is most commonly used to address a woman politely in the Armed Forces.

Is it OK to call a woman mam?

It is ok to call your Mother Mam in casual settings.

Final Thoughts

By now, you should be an expert on the different meanings of Mam and Ma’am. Although these words have the same pronunciation, they are used in different situations. Ma’am is used to address a woman of authority. Mam is used to address a mother. If you need additional help with this spelling rule, consider using our free grammar and punctuation checker to make things easy!