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Writing a sentence is easy. Writing sentences correctly is a different story. Our FREE Sentence Checker Tool is all you need to upgrade your writing style.

What Our Tool Does

Our Online Sentence Checker scans your writing in seconds to identify any potential errors. The tool can identify a variety of comment errors.

  • Punctuation errors
  • Grammar errors
  • Subject-verb agreement errors
  • Spelling errors
  • Sentence formatting errors

Takeaway: Use our FREE Online Sentence Checker to check for formatting and grammatical mistakes in your sentences.

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How To Use Our Tool

Our Sentence Checker is simple & effective. Follow these steps to proofread your sentences in seconds.

  1. Complete your writing (essay, blog, research paper, etc.)
  2. Copy & paste your essay into our Sentence Checker Online Tool
  3. Click “Check Your Text” to find your writing errors
  4. Click the RED “Click Here” button to receive a more in-depth breakdown

Does This Sentence Make Sense?

If you are writing an essay, email, or blog post and want to know if you sentence makes sense…you’re in the right place. Simply copy & paste your writing into our sentence checking tool & get your results instantly!

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FAQs – Sentence Checker

Q: Where can I check if my sentence is correct?

Use our FREE Sentence Checker to make sure your sentences are correct. Our software scans your writing to check for formatting mistakes, punctuation mistakes, and eliminate spelling errors. There are also great tools like Grammarly & QuillBot which can help. If you are a student, academic, or just write online…this Sentence Checker is for you!

Q: How do you know if it’s a sentence?

The basic fundamentals of a sentence include 3 main components: subject, verb, and object.

  1. Subject – The noun or pronoun that is doing the verb.
  2. Verb Describes what the subject is doing.
  3. Object – the thing that the action of the verb is being done to.

Q: What is a run on sentence examples?

Here are 3 examples of run-on sentences. If you struggle with run on sentences, consider using our sentence rewriter tool to simplify your text in seconds!

  1. I have a dog and a cat but I prefer dogs even though cats make better house pets.
  2. She didn’t see the other car coming around the corner and now her car has a huge dent and she is going to be late for work.
  3. The patient needs to stay in bed for the next few days so that he can recover from his surgery, he will be able to leave then.

Q: What are 3 ways to correct run on sentences?

The three main ways to correct run-on sentences are:

  • Adding a comma
  • Adding a semicolon
  • Adding a period to create two separate sentences

Q: How do you check if a sentence is a fragment?

One of the main functions of a sentence checker is to look for sentence fragments. There are a few ways to check if a sentence is a fragment.

  • Check to see if the sentence makes sense on its own.
  • Check to see if it contains a main verb.
  • Check to see if the subject and verb are in agreement.

Q: Does Grammarly check for sentence fragments?

Yes, Grammarly does provide a FREE online grammar checker that scans for sentence fragments. Grammarly Premium provides an even more in-depth review and identifies more grammatical errors in your writing.