Popular American Idioms & Common Expressions [Infographic]

English is a language that is full of colorful expressions and idiomatic phrases. This language is known for its unique idioms and slang that have become a major part of everyday conversation. In the below infographic you will see 8 of the most popular American idioms and common expressions that you’re likely to hear in … Read more
formal essay

Formal Essay Writing 101 (Infographic)

If you are serious about essay writing, then check out our infographic. For more information, you can explore our full blog post on formal writing!
100 Singular & Plural Words

100 Singular and Plural Words In English (Infographic)

In most cases, you simply need to add an -“S” to the end of the singular noun to create a plural noun. This is a key principle in English Spelling Rules. However, there are also unique cases where -“es” or -“ies” gets added to the singular word to create a plural word. There are even … Read more
picture comparing the terms in regards to in regard

In Regard or In Regards? Learn The Difference

English is a tricky language with many nuances & parts of speech, making learning the language difficult for a new English learner or native speaker. A single “s” in a phrase, or even a word, can transform the meaning of that word, change it completely, or even simply be incorrect.  Two phrases that often confuse … Read more