32 Wordy Phrases & Wordy Sentences (Infographic)

A wordy phrase or sentence is created when a writer uses far too many words in a sentence. Sentences should have the minimum number of words necessary to effectively communicate a message. Adding excessive or unnecessary words is distracting to the audience and can lower the quality of your writing. Below is an infographic that lists 32 of the most common words sentences and word phrases used by writers.

Word sentences

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I avoid overly wordy phrases and sentences in my writing?

Avoiding wordiness ensures clarity and conciseness, helping readers grasp your message more easily without unnecessary distractions.

How does cutting down on wordiness improve the overall quality of my writing?

Eliminating unnecessary words and phrases enhances the flow and readability of your content, making it more engaging and impactful for your audience.

Is it possible to maintain the depth of my ideas while reducing wordiness?

Yes, by practicing precise and thoughtful word choice, you can retain the depth of your ideas while presenting them in a clear and efficient manner, ultimately enhancing the overall effectiveness of your writing.

Final Thoughts

By now you should be an expert on wordy phrases. Use this infographic as a cheat sheet during your proofreading process to improve your writing quality. Adding extra & unnecessary words to a sentence to achieve a specific word count is the #1 mistake new writers make. Feel free to use our own Grammar Review Check Tool to make things even easier for you.