How To End An Email [50 Example Email Sign Offs]

how to end an email

An email sign off is your final signature at the bottom of an email. Using the right email sign off projects a level of respect & courtesy to the email recipient. However, using the wrong email sign off can be disrespectful or insulting. There are dozens & dozens of different ways to end an email. … Read more

Slow Is Smooth, Smooth Is Fast: Meaning, Origin, Synonyms

slow is smooth smooth is fast

The phrase “slow is smooth, smooth is fast” conveys the idea that by taking things slowly and methodically can actually help you achieve your goals more efficiently. It originates from the U.S. Navy SEALs as a message to their soldiers, especially in life threatening situations. Synonyms for this mantra include “Slow and steady wins the … Read more

Silly Goose: Meaning, Origin, Synonyms, Sentence Examples

silly goose meaning

The phrase “silly goose” is a light-hearted expression that is used in informal contexts. This saying is most commonly used when speaking specifically with children. It could be interpreted as insulting if the phrase “you silly goose” was used when speaking with older people or in professional settings. There are many different synonyms for the … Read more

Is It Grammatically Correct To Say “I Myself”?

I myself

The expression “I myself” is grammatically correct. This saying combines the subject pronoun “I” with the reflexive pronoun “myself”. However, in this instance “myself” is used as an intensive pronoun to add emphasis to the subject. Typically there are no necessary punctuation marks needed when using the phrase “I myself”. But in some instances a … Read more

“Please Be Advised”: Meaning, Sentence Examples, Synonyms

Please be advised meaning

The phrase “please be advised” is used to provide notice of relevant information. It is most frequently used in formal settings to convey very important information to the audience. This expression is commonly used on signs (i.e. wet floor signs), government warning, and other formal communications. There are a wide range of settings which it … Read more