Aunty or Auntie – Which Spelling Is Correct?

What's the difference between aunty or auntie

“Auntie” and “aunty” are simply different spellings of the same word. Both words have the same meaning. However, “aunite” is more common in American English & “aunty” is more common in British English. Depending on where you are in the world, you have probably heard the words ‘Aunty’ or ‘Auntie’. But which spelling is correct? … Read more

Unto vs Onto – What’s The Difference?

Should I say Onto or Unto

“Unto” is a preposition used to express movement towards a specific location, direction, or person, often with a sense of purpose or outcome. “Onto” is a preposition that indicates movement to a position on the surface of something, suggesting a physical placement or transition. There are many words in the English language which are frequently … Read more

Upto or Up To – What’s The Correct Usage?

Should I say he is upto or up to no good

“Up to” is the correct form, used to indicate a limit or maximum amount, or to describe a responsibility or choice within certain limits. “Upto” is not recognized as a standard word in English; it is likely a misspelling or typo. Do you know the difference between “upto” and “up to”? Most people don’t! This … Read more

To Long or Too Long: Which Phrase Is Correct?

man thinking that a stick is way too long!

“Too long” is the correct phrase when indicating that something exceeds a desired or acceptable length. Don’t you hate it when someone drones on and on? And on? It can be so frustrating when somebody won’t stop talking, especially if they’re not saying anything important. Would you say that this person has been talking for … Read more

In Regard or In Regards? Learn The Difference

picture comparing the terms in regards to in regard

English is a tricky language with many nuances & parts of speech, making learning the language difficult for a new English learner or native speaker. A single “s” in a phrase, or even a word, can transform the meaning of that word, change it completely, or even simply be incorrect.  Two phrases that often confuse … Read more

Drive Safe or Drive Safely – Pick The Right Phrase

Should I Drive Safe or Drive Safely

“Drive safe” is an informal expression wishing someone to be safe while driving, while “drive safely” is the grammatically correct adverbial form advising how to drive. Where do you stand on the Drive Safe or Drive Safely debate? Are they both equally correct, or are there subtle differences between the two phrases? The English language … Read more

To Cute or Too Cute Grammar (To vs Too)

woman telling another woman that she is just too cute

“It is correct to say ‘too cute’ because ‘too’ is used to express an excessive amount or degree, whereas ‘to’ is a preposition or a part of an infinitive and does not convey excessiveness.” Many writers get tripped up with similar words such as to & too. Especially when it comes to giving a friend … Read more

Have Had vs Had Had – Grammar Rules 101

teacher explaining Grammar Rules for Had Had

“Have had” is present perfect tense indicating possession or experience in the past continuing to the present, while “had had” is past perfect tense indicating an action completed before another action or time in the past. Many writers second guess themselves before writing the phrases “have had” and “had had”. For one, they just seem … Read more

Momma or Mama – Which Is Grammatically Correct?

man thinking about whether or not he should say momma or moma

No matter which language you speak, slang & nicknames are used. You might call your brother Nicholas by his nickname ‘Nick’. You might also call your mother by her nickname ‘mama’. But is this correct? In this article, we’ll teach you how to choose between momma or mama. It is important to use the right … Read more

Wordtune vs Grammarly: Which Is The Best Grammar Checker?

comparison of wordtune vs grammarly

When writing content, you need a grammar checker that provides accurate and applicable recommendations. There are numerous grammar checkers available. However, Wordtune and Grammarly currently offers the best product in this sector, but which one is the best for you? In this post, we’ll breakdown the difference between Wordtune vs Grammarly to help make your decision … Read more