What’s The Correct Plural Form Of Christmas? (Christmases vs Christmas’s vs Christmas’)


Christmases is the correct plural form of the word Christmas. Christmas is an international holiday that celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ. When referring to more than one Christmas, use the spelling Christmases. Many new writers mistakenly use the spelling Christmas’s or Christmas’ in their writing. However, both of these spellings can be correct when … Read more

How Did It Go? – Learn The Meaning & How to Answer!

image of a man asking how somehting went

There are many words and sayings in the English language that people use without properly understanding. The phrase “how did it go” is one of these such saying. In this post, we’ll explain the definition of this phrase and how to use it correctly in your writing. We’ll also give you some great alternatives! What … Read more

Pedaling or Pedalling – Is There A Difference?

woman thinking about pedaling and pedalling

As a Grammar teacher, I frequently run into words which appear similar in spelling, but have totally different meanings. In fact, changing just a single letter can completely change the definition and use case of a word! In this post, we’ll examine the difference between pedaling or pedalling so that you can avoid making a … Read more