Creative Writing

How to Write Conversationally

Speaking is a skill that comes fairly naturally to most people. However, writing often seems to be more difficult. It’s not always easy to put your thoughts into writing, but if you can make you tone conversational, it will be easier for you to formulate your thoughts and for others to understand what you are…

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Short Story Writing Tips

For many, writing a short story is difficult because it’s short and needs to have a theme. The space doesn’t leave a lot of room for rabbit trails. If you’re trying to write better short stories and want to improve your writing, you can. Continue reading for some suggestions about ways to improve your writing…

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Spice Up Your Writing With Similes and Metaphors

Metaphors and similes are two different types of figurative language, meaning that they are phrases writers use to emphasize points without speaking directly about the facts. Figurative language is not literal and is used to demonstrate or emphasize a writer’s point. Similes are very different from metaphors, but the two are often grouped together because…

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