Writing a Formal Essay

When you are assigned a formal essay, the stakes feel high. You may be wondering what makes this type of writing different from any other paper you have written before. The good news is that with some understanding of the guidelines, formal essay writing can be less daunting. In this post, we will explore what … Read more

Spice Up Your Writing With Metaphor and Similes

There is no denying that effective writing requires the skillful use of metaphors and similes. By sprinkling your writing with these devices, you can add color, depth, and vibrancy to your work. Use metaphors and similes correctly, and your words come alive for your readers. Spice up your writing with some well-placed metaphors and similes. … Read more

Sergeant or Sargent: Which Spelling Is Correct?

picture showing the difference between sargent and sergeant

The words sergeant and sargent are often confused in the English language. And it is easy to see why! New writers often struggle by mixing up the vowels -a & -e on certain words. In this post, we’ll help you choose correctly between sergeant or sargent with some sentence examples Which Is Correct: Sergeant or … Read more

LMAO Meaning – Learn The Definition with Sentence Examples!

picture of man laughing

The English language is full of difficult vocabulary & grammar rules. This makes it very hard for non-native English speakers to learn the language! The popular use of acronyms in everyday conversation adds yet another level of complexity to the situation. The abbreviation “LMAO” is a great example of this. In this post, we will … Read more

Old vs Ol’ Meaning – What’s The Difference?

picture of ol lady and ol man

The English language is full of colloquial or informal words and phrases that are used in daily conversation. For fluent English speakers these words and phrases are common knowledge. However, for people trying to learn English they can cause confusion. In this post, we’ll teach you about the difference between ole vs ol’ & how … Read more

Rules for English Language Capitalization

In English, there are a few rules for capitalization. Most of these rules are simple and straightforward, but they can be confusing for new writers. In this post, we’ll go over the basics of English capitalization rules, including when to capitalize proper nouns and when to use lowercase letters. We’ll also discuss some exceptions to … Read more

Why Is Editing Important? (Critical Steps In Writing Process)

picture of edited written document

Generally speaking, editing and proofreading are not topics that writers love to talk about. When people think of editors…they think boring. However, there is no denying that the editing process is a critical part of the writing process that can’t be over looked. Blog posts, academic papers, films, books, and other forms of written communication … Read more

Interjection and Conjunction – Learn the Differences

picture showing the definition of an interjection

Interjection and conjunction are two commonly confused words based on their phonetics. Settle this confusion in this article.  Interjection and conjunction are two words you’re bound to hear often and two words people often confuse when learning about English grammar. The confusion typically stems from the fact that the two words sound somewhat similar. In … Read more

Monkies or Monkeys? Which Is Correct?


Not sure whether the spelling is “monkies” or “monkeys?” Find out in this article.  English is a language notably less consistent than other languages. The grammar and spelling rules seem to vary so much that it’s hard to see them as rules. One of the rules that’s confusing to English learners is changing words from … Read more