Bear With Me or Bare With Me – Which Is Correct?

picture of a bear and bare tree

The English language is full of tricky phrases. Recently, I have gotten many questions on the difference between bear with me or bare with me. Which is the correct spelling? If you are trying to say be patient, then you should be saying “bear with me”. In this post, we’ll break down the different meanings … Read more

Grammarly Black Friday – Is It Worth it?

grammarly black friday and cyber monday

Black Friday and Cyber Monday is the very best time of the year for all shoppers. Just about any product, you can think of can be bought at a significantly discounted price. Grammarly Black Friday is no exception! Why not take advantage of this seasonal sale to get a tool that is actually useful? Read … Read more

In Case or Incase: Which Is The Correct Spelling?

man thinking about the difference between Incase vs In Case

When it comes to the correct spelling of “in case,” there are two options: in case or incase. So, which one is right? It turns out that incase is the incorrect spelling and should never be used in your writing! In this post, we’ll teach you the difference between these common words. Which Is Correct … Read more

‘Within’ vs ‘With In’ – What’s The Difference?


Many writers get tripped up when it comes to the spelling of ‘within’ or ‘with in’. In fact, this reminds me of the words goodnight and good night, which most writers spell incorrectly. Small spelling differences can make a huge difference in the meaning of words and phrases. In this post, we’ll teach you exactly … Read more

Sorry For Your Loss or Lost – Which Phrase Is Correct?

picture of a man thinking if he should say sorry for your lost or loss

Which phrase is correct – “sorry for your loss” or “lost”? Both phrases are commonly used, but only one is considered grammatically correct. In this article, we’ll explore the difference between these two phrases and when to use each one. We will also discuss some other appropriate ways to express sympathy or condolence messages. Which … Read more

How Many Words in a Paragraph? And Other Writing Tips

writer thinking about paragraphs while writing an essay

Knowing how many words in a paragraph is essential to keep your writing clear and concise. Learn more in this article. Whether you’re writing an essay or a well-crafted letter, you must understand the purpose of a paragraph, its structure, how to write one, and of course, how long it should be. If you think your … Read more

What Are Vivid Verbs? Definition, Examples, and More

Can I tell you a secret

When writing, your goal should not only be to be clear and concise, but you should also aim to capture the reader with your words.  Your writing is much more enjoyable when you use expressive literary techniques to paint a picture in the reader’s mind. One method you should use to do this is vivid … Read more