Which Is The Correct Spelling: Boxs or Boxes?

The correct plural form of box is boxes. By adding an -ES after the -X a writer indicates that there is more than one box.

In this post, we will cover the spelling for the plural form of box and the possessive form of box. Read on for sentence examples, synonyms for box, and other similar plural words that end in -X!

What Is The Correct Plural Form Of Box?

Plural form of boxes

Boxes are typically square containers with straight sides that are normally made from cardboard. The correct spelling of the plural form of “box” is “boxes”. Most nouns form their plural by adding an “-s” or “-es” to the singular form. The word “box” follows this rule.

For example:

  • Singular: I have one box on the shelf.
  • Plural: I have several boxes of electronic equipment on the shelf.

Words that end in “Z” or “X” are made plural by adding “-ES” to the end of the word. There are also other irregular words like Tomatoes that are made plural by adding “-ES”. Using alternative spellings like “boxs” would be considered incorrect and nonstandard.

How Do You Use Boxes In A Sentence?

Here is a list of 5 sentence examples that demonstrate how to use “boxes” correctly in a sentence.

  1. The movers carefully stacked the fragile dishes in sturdy boxes.
  2. She opened the closet to find a multitude of cardboard boxes filled with old photographs.
  3. The delivery driver unloaded a truckload of boxes onto the loading dock.
  4. The children excitedly tore open their presents, revealing colorful boxes containing toys and treats.
  5. The store owner arranged the merchandise neatly on the shelves, placing items in their respective boxes for easy organization.

Just like we saw in our post about the spelling of apartment, writers need to proofread their work closely!

What Is The Correct Possessive Form Of Box?

The possessive form of box is “box’s”. As we learned in our post about apostrophe rules, adding a -‘S to the end of the word shows ownership. It indicates that the box owns or has possession of the next word in the sentence.

It is not correct to use the spelling “box’s” to indicate that there is more than one box. You can not use an apostrophe to indicate the plural form.

How Do You Use Box’s In A Sentence?

Here is a list of 5 example sentences that show how to use the possessive form of “box”.

  1. The box’s lid was securely fastened to keep its contents safe during transport.
  2. I found a note inside the box’s hidden compartment, revealing a secret message.
  3. The box’s dimensions were carefully measured to ensure it would fit in the designated space.
  4. The box’s weight was marked on the side to assist with handling and shipping calculations.
  5. Please handle the fragile items with care as indicated by the “Fragile” label on the box’s exterior.

Synonyms of Boxes

It is important to vary your word choice in your writing. Here is a list of synonyms that you can use instead of “box” to add variety to your writing.

  1. Crate
  2. Container
  3. Carton
  4. Case
  5. Chest

Popularity Analysis

popularity analysis box or boxes

Google’s own N-Gram Viewer tool allows us to see which spelling is the most popular. As you can see, “box” is used far more commonly than “boxes” in published writing. Just like we learned in our post about the plural form of parent, the singular form is always more popular than the plural form!

Plural Form Of Words That End In “X”

There are many different words that end with the letter “X”. Here is a list of words that end in “X” and how to make them plural.

  1. Index – Indexes or Indices
  2. Matrix – Matrices
  3. Appendix – Appendices or Appendixes
  4. Complex – Complexes
  5. Fox – Foxes
  6. Fax – Faxes

Frequently Asked Question

Can “boxs” be considered a valid alternative to “boxes”?

No, “boxs” is not a valid alternative to “boxes”. “Boxes” is the only correct plural form of the word “box”.

Does the word “boxs” exist in any recognized dictionaries?

No, boxs is not a proper word and does not hold meaning in any credible dictionary.

The Bottom Line

The correct spelling of the plural form of “box,” the widely accepted and standard choice is “boxes.” “Boxs” is an incorrect spelling that does not align with the rules of English grammar and usage. The pluralization of nouns typically involves adding an “-s” or “-es” to the singular form, and “boxes” follows this pattern. We also covered how you can create the possessive form by adding an apostrophe. Consider using our own Grammar Review Tool if you need help with spelling & punctuation rules like these!