Grammer vs Grammar: Which Spelling Is Correct?

The English language has many phrases & words that seem very similar, but have totally different meanings. New English speakers & writers often get confused when choosing between grammar or grammer. In this post, we’ll teach you how do you spell grammar & how to use these words correctly!

Which Is Correct: Grammar vs Grammer?

comparing the difference between English grammar and the actor kelsey grammer

Just like we saw when analyzing the Which vs What grammar rules, many words have very similar spelling but have totally different meanings. The words grammar and grammer are a great example!

  • Grammar – Refers to a set of rules & standards that govern the usage of words & sentence structure in a specific language. Grammar includes spelling, pronunciation, and how sentences are constructed.
  • Grammer – A proper noun used as a surname (last name). For example, Kelsey Grammer or Andy Grammer. This word has no relation to the “grammar” rules mentioned above.

This spelling difference may seem trivial. But just like we saw in our post about the phrase thanks everyone, even tiny spelling changes matter!

Takeaway: Proper grammar means following a set of rules that govern language. Grammer is a proper noun that is used as a last name.

How To Use Grammar

Grammar is the foundation of any language. It enables us to understand, organize and communicate our thoughts effectively. Just like we found in our analysis of He Has vs He Have grammar rules, grammar consists of rules that govern the structure and use of words to make meaningful sentence combinations.

Learning grammar helps us gain knowledge about the conventions of a particular language, as well improving our ability to communicate coherently within that language.

There are two main types of grammar called Prescriptive & Descriptive Grammar that writers can follow.

  • Descriptive is often follows unique geography-based rules (i.e. local slang)
  • Prescriptive grammar requires following a specific set of rules no matter what.

Both Vocabulary & Grammar are very important parts of mastering any new language. New writers should focus on these basics!

Sentence Examples

Here are some sentence examples demonstrating how to use grammar correctly in your writing.

  1. Jesse got a C- on his paper because he seemingly ignored many of the basic grammar rules.
  2. Grammar is a set of rules governing the structure of sentences and writing.
  3. My teacher is a stickler for proper grammar in our writing assignments.

Just like we saw in our post about how do you spell nana, small spelling changes can make a huge difference.

How To use Grammer

By now you should have an understanding of the difference between grammar or grammer. Grammar is most commonly used incorrectly as a misspelling of the word grammar. However, grammer can also be a last name!

  • Billy Grammer
  • Andy Grammer
  • Kelsey Grammer

Just like we saw when analyzing the proper usage of Chris’ in your writing, proper nouns have to pay close attention to capitalization rules. When used as a surname, Grammar must be capitalized!

Sentence Examples

Here are some example sentences that demonstrate how to use the word grammer.

  1. My mother’s favorite actor is Kelsey Grammer.
  2. My uncle’s favorite singer is Andy Grammer.
  3. My cousins favorite American singer is Billy Grammer.

Just like we saw in our analysis of the words paid or payed attention, even small spelling changes can completely change a sentence!

Popularity Analysis

popularity analysis of the word grammar and grammer (proper noun)

Just because a word is used more frequently, does not mean it is always the correct spelling or word choice. By analyzing Google’s n-gram data it is clear that the spelling “grammar” is far more popular.

This is because “grammar” is a misspelling in most contexts. However, just like we saw in our analysis of the words Nosy vs Nosey, things change with time. The popularity of certain words and phrases changes with culture over the decades!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of Grammer?

Grammar is the set of rules that gives structure to language. It’s what helps us to communicate effectively and coherently when expressing our thoughts, opinions and ideas. Grammar forms part of the foundation for any language and determines how words are used in sentences, phrases and clauses. Remember, the rules for every language’s grammar are different!

What is the correct grammatical?

Using correct grammar in your writing means you are complying with the rules surrounding syntax, punctuation, spelling, parts of speech, and several other sentence structure elements. There are many useful grammar books that can be used as a guide!

Why is grammar spelled with an AR?

The origin of the word grammar dates back to the French word “grammaire”. This is why “English grammar” is spelled with an -AR. The common misspelling “grammar” can only be used as a proper noun for a persons name. For example, “Kelsey Grammer or Billy Grammer”.

Is grammar just spelling?

No, grammar is not just spelling. Spelling & grammar are not the same things. In fact, spelling is a part of grammar. Grammar includes spelling, punctuation, and other rules governing sentence construction.

The Bottom Line

By now you should understand that the correct spelling is Grammar. The word grammar is a group of rules that structure and govern language. Whether you realize it or not, we all follow grammar rules daily! The word grammer can only be used correctly as a name. Although these words are only spelled one letter apart, they do NOT have the same meaning! Use our FREE re word generator tool to correct your writing!