Have A Great Weekend vs. Have A Nice Weekend (Best Weekend Wishes)

We’ve all heard it before, “Have a nice weekend!” It’s such a common phrase said by coworkers and friends alike. I sometimes feel like a broken record telling everyone to “have a great weekend” every Friday afternoon. But do you ever stop to think about other ways to say this phrase? In this article, we’ll give you 21 different ways to wish someone a great weekend ahead!

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21 Different Ways To Say “Have A Great Weekend”

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It’s Friday afternoon and the end of the day is quickly approaching. I grab my jacket & car keys as I head toward the exit.

I shout “have a great weekend” as I stroll past my favorite coworkers. After all, who isn’t grateful for the weekend? There are so many ways to same the same thing in the English language. Take the phrase to cute or too cute for example. It is always important to choose the right word or phrase.

However, saying “have a great weekend” over and over again gets boring. There are many different ways to indicate there is a great weekend ahead. Here are some of the best happy weekend alternatives!

  1. I hope you have a fantastic weekend!
  2. Have a blast this weekend!
  3. I hope you have a lot of fun this weekend!
  4. I hope you have a wonderful weekend!
  5. Have a lovely weekend!
  6. I wish you a relaxing weekend.
  7. Have an incredible weekend!
  8. Have a marvelous weekend!
  9. Have a pleasant weekend!
  10. Have a splendiferous weekend!
  11. Hey, have an awesome weekend!
  12. Have a jolly good weekend!
  13. Enjoy your weekend!
  14. I hope you enjoy your upcoming weekend!
  15. Cheers to a great weekend!
  16. I wish you a good weekend ahead!
  17. Wishing you all the best this weekend!
  18. Hoping you have a wonderful time this weekend!
  19. Sending you good vibes for a great weekend!
  20. Enjoy every minute of your weekend!
  21. Enjoy your long weekend (For holiday weekends)

When To Tell People To “Have A Great Weekend”

Now that you have 21 brand-new great weekend wishes to use in your daily life, you need to know when to use them. Just like with the words that or which, it is important to pick the right word for the context of the situation. The word great can be used in many different ways, take Grately or Greatly for example.

First off, if you didn’t already know, a weekend consists of the days Saturday and Sunday in the English language. On a Friday, if a co-worker says how is your day going you might have a conversation that you can end with “have a great weekend!”

There are two situations in which you would tell someone to have a great weekend.

  1. Friday – The most common time to wish someone to “have a great weekend” is on Friday. Friday is the final day before the weekend officially starts.
  2. Won’t See The Person For A While – You do NOT need to wait until Friday to wish someone a wonderful weekend. For example, if you see your friend on Wednesday and won’t see them until next week you might say “have a great rest of your week and weekend!”

Some weekend wishes are more formal than others. You need to consider your audience when picking which version of “have a great weekend” to use.

Ex 1: If you are sending a business email to your boss, you might sign off by saying “Have a great weekend sir.”

Ex 2: If you are sending a text to your best friend, you might say “enjoy your weekend bro.”

What Is The Origin Of The Phase “Have A Great Weekend”?

The phrase “Have a great weekend” is a common expression used to wish someone well for their upcoming days off. Its origin can be traced back to the increasing use of friendly and casual language in modern communication. This expression likely evolved as a more relaxed and informal way to bid farewell to colleagues, friends, or acquaintances at the end of the workweek.

However, just like we learned in our post about Cara Mia Meaning, even informal words & phrases need to follow proper grammar rules.

How To Reply


If someone was nice enough to wish you a wonderful weekend, then you should reply. There are many different ways to reply to the phrase “have a great weekend.” Here are just a few:

  • You too!” – This is a classic response that works well in almost any situation.
  • Thanks, I will!” – This response shows that you’re looking forward to your own weekend plans.
  • I already did!” – This is a great response if you’ve already had a great weekend.
  • Thank you sir, you have a great weekend as well!” – This is very formal and great for communicating with your boss
  • I’m sorry, but I don’t do weekends.” – This is a funny response that can get a chuckle. Only use this reply with a friend or coworker that you know very well.
  • Thanks, but work never stops for me.” – This is another witty response that can add some humor to your conversation. Or maybe you are just a workaholic and have no free time!

What about “Have A Nice Weekends”?

This phrase is not grammatically correct. Using “a” implies that you are talking about a singular weekend. If you want to talk about multiple weekends or if you are talking to multiple people…you can try these phrases. However, like the words message or messege, there are many similar phrases and words in our language so you need to pick the right one!

  1. “I hope you all have a great weekend!”
  2. “I know we are going to have some great weekends this upcoming summer.”
  3. “Do you have any nice weekends in your plans next month?”
  4. “I have spent many happy weekends with my girlfriend this past year.”

What Are Other Incorrect Ways To Say Have A Nice Weekend?

Here are a list of grammatically incorrect ways to tell someone to have a nice weekend.

  1. “Having nice weekend!”
  2. “Nice weekend have!”
  3. “Weekend a nice have!”
  4. “Nice have weekend!”
  5. “Have nice weekend you!”

Can You Tell Someone To Have A Nice Weekday?

The phrase “have a nice weekday” is grammatically correct but rarely used in the modern English language. It is used the same way as the phrase “have a great weekend” used but in reference to a weekday (Monday – Friday). It is much more common for English speakers to use the phrase “have a nice day” or “have a good day” instead.

FAQs – Weekend Wishes

Q: Is it correct to say have a great weekend?

It is grammatically correct to say “have a great weekend.” This phrase is a polite way of wishing someone an enjoyable time during the next two days.

Q: How do you say happy weekend in other words?

You could say: “have a fantastic weekend”, “have a lovely weekend”, have a pleasant weekend”, or “enjoy your upcoming weekend”. Any of these words are a great way to wish someone an end of a working week.

Q: How do I get a good weekend?

Depending on how hectic work is, weekends become much-needed downtime. To have a fun weekend, try to schedule some time for something fun. This could be going out with friends, exploring a new city, or trying a new activity. Also, spending time with family is always a great way to relax and recharge.

Q: What is a great weekend alternative email?

If you want to send a happy weekend email Friday afternoon, just say “enjoy your weekend”. That is both polite and appropriate for nearly every audience.

Q: Had a nice weekend meaning?

The weekends exist to release all that tension from a long week of work. Wishing someone a happy weekend is a polite gesture to tell them to enjoy their time off. It can mean different things for different people. For some, it might mean spending time with family and friends, going on a hike or enjoying a nice dinner out. Others might use the term to describe a weekend where they didn’t have to work and were able to relax and recharge.

The Bottom Line

Being polite can take you a long way in life. Something as simple as telling someone to “have a great weekend” can leave a great impression. Now you have 21 different & creative ways to tell a friend to enjoy their weekend. Use these phrases in your everyday life. Remember, it doesn’t cost you anything to be nice!