Invision or Envision – Which Is The Proper Spelling?

“Invision” and “envision” are often confused, but “envision” is the correct verb for picturing something in your mind, while “invision” is now solely the name of a software company.

In this article we’ll clarify this distinction, offer examples and synonyms for “envision,” and traces its Latin origins.

A memory trick is also provided to remember the correct usage, emphasizing the importance of accurate language use in modern writing.

Which Is Correct Invision or Envision?

woman thinking if she should say "invision vs envision" in her conversation

Many writers confuse the two words “invision” and “envision”. Both words are commonly used, but only one of them is correct. Make sure you understand these English spelling rules.

  • Envision” – The correct word to use when you’re talking about creating a mental image of something (verb).
  • Invision” – No longer an alternate spelling of “envision”. Invision is the name of a popular software company (proper noun).

Just like we saw when analyzing the difference between vagrant and hobo, spelling makes a huge difference! In fact, it can completely change the meaning of a word.

Takeaway: The correct word is “envision” if you are referring to your thoughts on future events or situations.

How To use Envision?

When you envision something, you’re using your imagination to picture a future event, action, or situation.

For example, you might envision yourself completing the following tasks.

  • Winning the lottery
  • Attending a sports game
  • Getting a promotion

When someone envisions their future, they are using their imagination to picture what might happen. This can be a great way to prepare for what is to come in your life. Just like the words to me or for me, writers often get tripped up.

There are several different conjugations of the word “envision”:

  • [First person present] – I/We envision
  • [Second person present] – You envision
  • [Third person plural present] – They envision
  • [Third person singular present] – He/She envisions

What Are Sentence Examples Of Envision?

Here are 7 examples of how to use “envision” in a sentence.

  1. When I envision my future, I see myself living in a beautiful house by the sea.
  2. I envision a world where everyone is treated equally and with respect.
  3. Envisioning a better future for our children is what motivates me to work hard every day.
  4. To achieve our goals, we need to first envision them clearly in our minds.
  5. Some people think that only crazy people talk to themselves, but I like to imagine that I’m just envisioning a conversation with my higher self.
  6. Do you ever wake up from a dream and realize that you were actually envisioning your future?
  7. When two people are in love, they often say that they can see themselves growing old together; they are literally envisioning their future together.

Just like we saw in our post comparing the words amount or ammount, even the smallest of spelling changes can make a huge difference!

How To Use Invision

Despite their spelling differences, writers would use “invasion” and “envision” interchangeably for many years. However, just like culture evolves with time…languages evolve as well.

Today, “envision” remains the correct spelling when referring to your mental thoughts about future actions or situations. The word “invasion” should only be used as a proper noun when referring to the name of a company. Just like in the phrase “to or too cute“, small spelling changes can make a big difference.

Trick For Invision or Envision

When my students struggle to choose between “invision or envision”, I teach them this simple memory trick.

Invision is the Incorrect word”

Remember the double “I”! Even a silly trick like this can ensure that you don’t make an embarrassing spelling mistake. If you can’t seem to master this grammar rule, then use our FREE spell checker!

Synonyms For Envision

You have to pay close attention to overusing any words in your writing. Variety is the spice of life when it comes to vocabulary.

Here is a table of formal synonyms for “envision”.

AnticipateTo foresee or expect something to happen in the future.
ForeseeTo predict or know in advance.
ContemplateTo consider or think about something as a possibility.
VisualizeTo form a mental image or scenario.
ConceiveTo form an idea, plan, or invention in the mind.

Here is a table of informal synonyms for “envision”.

PictureTo imagine or form a mental image of something.
Dream upTo create or invent something in the mind.
Think upTo devise or invent in the mind.
ImagineTo form new images or concepts not present to the senses.
Cook upInformally means to invent or create something, often on the spot.

What Are The Origins of Envision?

The word “envision” comes from the Latin en-, which means “cause to be.” The root of the word is vis, meaning “seeing.” When put together, the word envision means “to cause to see.” There was a time when people used “invision and envision” as the same word. However, envision has always been the most popular spelling. There are many words in the English language with a latin root, take greatful or grateful for example.

FAQs – The Word Envision

Q: Is there a word Invision?

‘Invision’ used to be an alternate spelling of the word ‘envision’. However, this is no longer considered standard spelling. ‘Invision’ is the name of an American Software Company. But it does not mean imagining future events or situations.

Q: When can I use envision?

You can use envision to imagine what a situation in the future will look like. It can be helpful for planning and preparing for events. You can also use it to generate ideas and explore possibilities.

Q: How do u spell Invision?

The correct spelling is “envision”. Many years ago both words were used interchangeably. However, the modern spelling is “envision”.

Q: What is the difference between Envision and envisage?

If you envisage something, you can imagine it, but not necessarily see it. For example, if you envisage a future in which you have a lot of money, you may be able to picture yourself having that money, but you may not actually see it in front of you. If you envision something, on the other hand, you can see it in your mind. For example, if you envision a new car that you want to buy, you can see yourself driving it.

Q: What does envision the possibility mean?

To envision the possibility means to conceive what could happen in the future. It’s about having a clear mental image of what could be, and then making a plan to achieve it.

The Bottom Line

Now you know the difference between envision vs incision. Although there was a time when these words had the same meaning, language has evolved. Nowadays, “envision” is the correct spelling that you should use in your writing. Use this grammar tip to become a better writer and remember these commonly confused words!