Per Your Request: Meaning, How To Use, Synonyms

The expression “per your request” is used to indicate or communicate compliance with a prior request or demand. “Per your request” is a highly formal phrase that is most commonly used in various legal communications.

There are many different synonym phrases that can be used in place of “per your request” including the following “as you requested”, “In accordance with your request”, and “In line with your request”.

In this post we’ll further explain the meaning of “per your request”, how it can be used in a sentence, different synonyms, and it’s popularity.

per your request meaning

What Is The Meaning Of “Per Your Request”?

“Per Your Request” is a phrase that means something has been done in accordance to a previous request made by someone. This is a formal expression that signifies compliance with a prior inquiry or demand.

It is frequently used in different professional settings, such as business correspondence (emails or letters), legal documents, and customer service interactions. This phrase should only be used in situations where professionalism & formality are important.

Does “Per Your Request” Have A Specific Context In Which It Is Used?

“Per Your Request” should only be used in a formal writing. This phrase is only appropriate in written and professional communication. It would be considered inappropriate to use this expression in a casual conversation.

This formal saying is particularly popular the following contexts.

  • Legal documents
  • Business communications
  • Academic communications
  • Customer service interactions

For example, in the legal field lawyers may use “Per Your Request” to signify that a contract or legal document has been written precisely in line with their client’s requested terms and conditions. You will often see this terminology used in formal business emails as well. You can also check out our 50 email sign offs to learn more about formal email rules.

How Do You Use “Per Your Request” In A Sentence?

Below are 7 example sentences that contain the phrase “per your request” in a sentence.

  1. Per your request, we have enclosed the requested documents in this envelope.
  2. The report you asked for is attached herewith, per your request.
  3. Per your request, we are extending the deadline for submission by one week.
  4. Per your request, we have scheduled a meeting with the client for next Tuesday.
  5. The adjustments to the presentation have been made, per your request for more visuals.
  6. Per your request, we have allocated additional resources to the project.
  7. The samples have been shipped overnight, per your request, to expedite the testing process.

However, just like we saw in our analysis of the phrase “whether or not“, writers need to pay close attention to writing context before deciding on their word choice.

What Are Synonyms For “Per Your Request”?

Below are a list of synonyms that can be used instead of the phrase “per your request”.

  • As you requested
  • In accordance with your request
  • In line with your request
  • In compliance with your request
  • As per your instructions

Just like we saw in our previous analysis of the phrase “the cut of your jib“, it is important to know how and when to use synonyms.

Popularity Analysis

Google’s Ngram Data shows that the popularity of “per your request” has varied tremendously since the 1960’s. Since the 1980’s this phrase has become significantly more popular in business writing and other forms of formal writing. However, just like we saw in our post about the phrase “having said that“, the popularity of vocabulary can change significantly as time passes.

per your request popularity

What Is The Origin Of “Per Your Request”?

The origin of the phrase “per your request” cannot be traced back to a specific historic context. It is believed that this saying originated in legal writing. Legal writing is most known for its use of overly formal language. While this formal phrase is still most commonly used in legal writings today, it has also gained popularity in a business context.

When Should The Phrase “Per Your Request” Not Be Used?

The phrase “per your request” should not be used in casual or informal situations. Although it is grammatically correct, it is socially awkward to use excessively formal vocabulary in casual contexts. People should not use the phrase “per your request” in the following contexts.

  • Text messages with friends
  • Messaging on social media
  • Talking with family members

Frequently Asked Questions

Do people often use “Per Your Request” in written communication?

“Per Your Request” is not extremely common in everyday written communication but is still used in formal or business contexts to acknowledge and comply with specific requests.

Is “Per Your Request” appropriate to use in email?

Yes, “Per Your Request” is appropriate to use in email, particularly in formal or professional correspondence when you want to confirm that you are fulfilling a specific request made by the recipient.

The Bottom Line

By now you should be an expert on how to use the phrase “per your request” correctly in your writing & daily communication. This is a formal expression that is used to demonstrate compliance with a previous request. It is generally not appropriate to use this expression in casual or informal conversations. Consider using our Grammar Reviewing Tool if you need additional help with similar spelling & grammar rules like this.