Resonates With Me: Meaning, Sentence Examples, Synonyms

The phrase “resonates with me” is very commonly used to demonstrate an emotional connection with person, place, idea, or thing. Something that resonates with you has deep personal meaning. People use this phrase to talk about books, music, movies, lectures, and other forms of art.

There are many synonym phrases you can use instead of “resonates with me” including but not limited to “Connects with me”, “Strikes a chord with me”, and “Speaks to me”.

In this post, we’ll break down the definition of “resonates with me”, how to use it in a sentence, and creative synonyms. We’ll even include a popularity analysis and common antonyms for writers to be aware of.

Resonates with me meaning

What Is The Meaning of The Phrase “Resonates With Me”?

The phrase “resonates with me” refers to the experience of feeling a strong personal connection or emotional response to something or someone. When a person says that something “resonates with them” they mean it has struck an emotional chord within them.

There are many different reasons why something might resonate with someone. This could be because it reflects their own feelings, life experiences, or beliefs.

The origin of the phrase “resonates with me” is from the concept of resonance in physics. In the context of physics, resonance is vibrations in one object that creates similar vibrations in another. Now it is used metaphorically to describe an individual’s emotional response aligning with a form of content.

The phrase “resonates with me” is most commonly used in discussions about art, literature, music, personal stories, and ideas.

Does Saying That Something “Resonates With You” Imply An Emotional Response?

Yes, saying that something “resonates with you” does indeed imply an emotional response. It conveys that the subject being discussed has evoked a personal, emotional, or relatable reaction within you. If something resonstaes with you that means it makes sense to you on an emotional level.

How Do You Use “Resonates With Me” In A Sentence?

Here is a list of 7 example sentences that contain the phrase “resonates with me” correctly.

  1. When I read that novel, the protagonist’s journey of self-discovery really resonated with me.
  2. As a musician, the melancholic melodies in that song truly resonate with me on a deep emotional level.
  3. The speaker’s words about embracing change and uncertainty completely resonated with me.
  4. Seeing that painting evoked a sense of nostalgia that resonated with me.
  5. The documentary’s portrayal of overcoming adversity through perseverance really resonated with me and left a lasting impression.
  6. During the seminar, the speaker’s insights on finding work-life balance struck a chord and resonated with me on a deep level.
  7. The themes of friendship and loyalty in that movie truly resonated with me and had deep meaning.

However, just like we saw in our post comparing the words humble vs humility, writers need to pay close attention to spelling to convey the correct meaning.

What Are Synonyms For “Resonates With Me”?

Here are 5 synonyms that you could use instead of the phrase “resonates with me”.

  1. Connects with me
  2. Strikes a chord with me
  3. Speaks to me
  4. Hits home for me
  5. Rings true to me

As we saw in our post about the phrase “say less“, utilizing synonyms adds variety to your writing. It is always important to vary your vocabulary and word choice.

Popularity Analysis

Google’s N-gram Data shows that the phrase “resonates with me” is very commonly used in published writing. The data shows that this phrase has increased in popularity significantly since the 1980s. In modern times, it is used very commonly to describe one’s emotional connection to a form of art. However, just like we saw in our post about the phrase “Cara Mia” , the popularity of vocabulary can change decade by decade.

Resonates with me popularity

What Is The Opposite Of The Phrase “Resonates With Me”?

The opposite of the phrase “resonates with me” is a statement or idea that doesn’t connect or strike a chord with someone in a personal or emotional way. In other words it is when a statement does not have a personal meaning. Here are 5 example antonyms for the phrase “resonates with me”.

  1. Doesn’t connect with me
  2. Doesn’t strike a chord with me
  3. Doesn’t resonate with me
  4. Doesn’t speak to me
  5. Feels distant to me

Just like we learned our post on the phrase “cut of your jib“, there is a right and wrong time to use informal phrases. Writers need to understand context to make a proper word choice discussion.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible for different people to have varying things that “resonate with them”?

Yes, different individuals often have diverse experiences and backgrounds, leading them to connect with and find resonance in different aspects of art, ideas, or situations.

Is the expression “resonates with me” commonly used in discussions about art and media?

Yes, the phrase “resonates with me” is frequently used to describe a personal connection or emotional response to artistic works, music, literature, and other forms of media.

The Bottom Line

By now you should be an expert on the phrase “resonates with me”. This phrase is used to indicated that an idea, statement, or visual had deep particular meaning. It is most commonly used to express an emotional connection to something. Feel free to use some of the synonyms listed above to mix up your writing. If you need help with other grammar rules like this then use our Grammar review tool to make things easy!