How To Write A Prologue

writing a prologue

A reader picks up your book and is ready for the story to begin. However, the reader knows little to nothing about your characters and storyline. This is where a prologue is very useful. A prologue is a short piece of writing that sets the stage for your story. It can introduce your characters, provide … Read more

Copy Editing vs Proofreading – What’s The Difference?

copy editing & proofreading

Proofreading and copy editing are both important steps in the publishing process that you need to master. However, they’re not the same thing. In this article, we’ll explore the differences between these two terms, and explain why you should use both of them to produce high-quality content. Define Copy Editing We have already answered the … Read more

“Hi There” | Learn The Meaning Of This Popular Phrase

Woman saying the phrase hi there

Today, we’re diving into the meaning of a popular phrase that you’ve likely encountered in various social settings: “Hi there.” This is one of those phrases that most of us have heard in casual conversations among friends. But is this phrase grammatically correct? And when is it appropriate to use in your writing? In this … Read more

Basic English Grammar Rules – 10 Rules You Must Remember

English is certainly not the easiest language to master when it comes to spelling, construction, and grammar. While there are general rules that work for most cases, there are exceptions to every rule. The best way to learn English is through practice and memorization. However, there are some core grammar rules to remember if your … Read more

How to Use Grammarly for Slack

Are you looking for an editing program that checks everything you write? From emails to documents to social media, Grammarly has many apps that incorporate well into your browser or into different documents depending on what software you are using. Grammarly for Slack is no exception. To make the most of this program, you just … Read more