Basic English Spelling Rules!

There are many English spelling rules that can seem confusing to spellers. This article will outline the most common English spelling rules and provide examples of how to apply them. After reading this post, you’ll be able to spell words correctly and catch your mistakes while proofreading every time. Most Common Spelling Rule The most … Read more

How to Use An Apostrophe

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What Are The 8 Rules For Commas?

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Outter vs Outer | Which Is The Correct Spelling?

Comparison of the words outer vs outter

Outer is the correct spelling & outter is a common typo. There is no doubt that the English language has many confusing words. It can be tough for new English speakers to master all the complicated spelling rules! For example, what’s the difference between outer & outter? Lucky for you, this article will answer that … Read more

Subject and Verb Agreement

Agreement between the subject and verb is one of the most important concepts in grammar. A subject and verb that are not in agreement can make your writing difficult to understand. In this article, we will discuss subject-verb agreement rules and how it works. We will also provide examples to help you understand the concept … Read more

That vs. Which – Learn How To Use Each!

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Different Parts of Sentence Explained!

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Excelent vs Excellant vs Excellent | Which Spelling Is Correct?

demonstrating how to use the word excellent

Excellent is the correct spelling & the other forms are common typos. The English language has many words with similar spelling & definitions. There, their, and they’re illustrate this perfectly. However, what about the words, excellent, excelent, and excellent? Which spelling is correct? In this post, we’ll explain the spelling of the word excellent & … Read more

Ammount vs Amount | Which Spelling Is Correct?

comparing the spelling of the words ammount vs amount

Amount is the correct spelling that should be used in all use cases. There are many different words in the English language that sound & look similar, but have different meanings. We call these homophones. In this post, we are going to analyze two of the most commonly confused words Amount & Ammount. Read on … Read more