Which Spelling Is Correct: Brasillian or Brazilian?

Brazilian is the correct spelling to represent people from the country of Brazil. This South American country is known for it’s lively culture and beautiful terrain. Many writers incorrectly use the spelling “Brasillian”.

The word Brazilian can be used as a noun or adjective in your writing. In this post, we will give you several sentence examples. We’ll also cover some of the most common misspellings of the word “Brazilian”. Read on to learn more!

Is Brazilian or Brasillian The Correct Spelling?

The spelling “Brazilian” is the correct choice in all contexts. The spelling “Brasillian” is a common typo made by new English speakers. However, just like we saw in our article comparing the terms Carmel vs Caramel, even small spelling changes completely change the meaning of a word or phrase.

The word “Brazilian” is derived from “Brazil,” which refers to the largest country located in South America. It is most commonly used when writing about or referring to people, products, or things associated with Brazil.

  • Brazilian citizens
  • Brazilian cuisine
  • Brazilian coffee
Image of Brazilian society

Sentence Examples

Here is a list of 5 different sentence examples that demonstrates how to use “Brazilian” correctly in your writing.

  1. The Brazilian soccer team showcased their exceptional skills and secured victory in the international tournament.
  2. I recently tried a delicious Brazilian steak at a local restaurant and was impressed by its tenderness and rich flavor.
  3. Ana is a talented Brazilian artist who uses vibrant colors and expressive brushstrokes in her paintings.
  4. The Brazilian rainforest, known as the Amazon, is a vital ecosystem that is home to countless species of plants and animals.
  5. I enjoy listening to Brazilian music genres like samba and bossa nova; their rhythmic melodies always put me in a lively and joyful mood.

The word “Brazilian” can be used as a noun or an adjective. We’ll provide some more examples of this in the sections to come. And just like we saw in our post comparing the words appartment vs apartment, you need to pay close attention to spelling to avoid making silly mistakes.

How To Use “Brazilian” As A Noun

Here are 3 examples of how the word “Brazilian” can be used as a noun.

  1. Mark is rooting for Neymar to win MVP because he is Brazilian.
  2. I had a delightful conversation with a group of Brazilians visiting my city, learning about their culture and traditions.
  3. My friend is a Brazilian that makes the best Portuguese food I have ever tried!

How To Use “Brazilian” As An Adjective

Here are 3 examples of how the word “Brazilian” can be used as a noun.

  1. My friend is planning a trip to explore the Brazilian rainforest, known for its incredible biodiversity and lush greenery.
  2. The Brazilian economy experienced a significant growth spurt, attracting international investors and boosting trade opportunities.
  3. Maria attended a Brazilian dance workshop to learn the energetic and rhythmic movements of samba.

What Are Other Popular Misspellings Of The Word Brazilian?

Here is a list of other common misspellings of the word “Brazilian”.

  1. Brasilian
  2. Brazillian
  3. Brazalian
  4. Brazilan
  5. Brazillan

Remember, all of these words are spelling wrong and should not be used in your writing or daily conversation. Just like we learned in our post comparing the terms Valentine’s Day vs Valentines Day, the English language has many words which are spelled similarly but are not the same!

How Popular Is The Word Brazilian?

popularity comparison of the words Brasillian vs Brazilian

The data from Google’s N-Gram Viewer shows that the spelling “Brazilian” is a very popular word. For obvious reasons it is used far more frequently than the spelling “Brasillian”. Just like we saw in our post comparing the terms Opened vs Openned even incorrect words are commonly used. Pay close attention to your spelling!

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are Brazilians from?

A Brazilian is a person that was born in the country of Brazil. The Brazilian territory is most commonly known for it’s vibrant culture and beautiful terrain like the Rio Grande.

What language do Brazilians speak?

Brazilians speak the Portuguese language. Portuguese is the official language of Brazil and it is one of the only non-Spanish speaking countries in South America.

What grammar rules do Brazilians follow?

Brazilians follow the grammar rules of Portuguese, as Portuguese is the official language of Brazil. Portuguese grammar encompasses various rules and principles for sentence structure, verb conjugation, noun and adjective agreement, and much more!

The Bottom Line

By now you should have a firm understanding of the term “Brazilian”. This word is used to represent someone that is from the South American country of Brazil. It is very similar to calling someone an American. If you need some help with spelling rules like this, consider using our Grammar Checking Tool free of charge!