Openned or Opened: Correct Spelling, Sentence Examples & More!

There are many different words in the English language which are spelled similarly but have different meanings. It is very easy to add an extra letter without realizing you are changing the meaning of the entire word! In this post, we’ll focus on the difference bewteen the words oppenned and opened. Read on to find out the correct past simple form of the word open.

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What Is The Correct Spelling Openned or Opened?

comparison of the past participle spelling of word open

Just like we saw in our post comparing the words Excellant and Excelent, it is very easy to make a spelling mistake. However, adding an extra letter will change the meaning of the word or phrase! How does this apply to openned vs opened?

  • Oppened: Incorrect spelling. This should not be used in any context in your writing.
  • Opened: Correct past tense of open. For example, “the door opened and made a squeaking noise.”

Takeaway: Opened is the correct spelling for the past participle of the word open.

Sentence Examples

Here are 5 example sentences that demonstrate how to use the word “opened” correctly.

  1. The door creaked as I opened it, revealing a room filled with sunlight.
  2. She carefully opened the package, her hands trembling with anticipation.
  3. The actor nervously opened the envelope, hoping to find his name among the list of nominees.
  4. The flowers bloomed as the morning dew evaporated and the petals opened to the warmth of the sun.
  5. With a swift motion, he opened the book to the first page, eager to dive into the story.

Common Misspellings Of Opened

As we already stated, opened is the correct past tense form of the present participle open. However, just like we saw in our post comparing the words Amount vs Ammount misspellings are common. Here are some of the most common misspellings of opened.

  1. Openned
  2. Openend
  3. Openned
  4. Opennid
  5. Openedd

Remember, none of these are real words & should not be used in your writing!

What Are Different Conjugations Of Open?

The different conjugations of the verb “open” in present tense are:

  1. I open the door
  2. You open
  3. He/she/it opens
  4. We open
  5. They open

In past tense:

  1. I opened
  2. You opened
  3. He/she/it opened
  4. We opened
  5. They opened

In future tense:

  1. I will open
  2. You will open
  3. He/she/it will open
  4. We will open
  5. They will open

In present continuous tense:

  1. I am opening
  2. You are opening
  3. He/she/it is opening
  4. We are opening
  5. They are opening

In past continuous tense:

  1. I was opening
  2. You were opening
  3. He/she/it was opening
  4. We were opening
  5. They were opening

In future continuous tense:

  1. I will be opening
  2. You will be opening
  3. He/she/it will be opening
  4. We will be opening
  5. They will be opening

Popularity Analysis

google ngram viewer data on the word openned vs opened

By analyzing Googles Ngram Viewer Data you can see that “opened” is far more popular than “openned”. And that’s a good thing because “openned” is NOT a word!

However, just like we saw in our past comparison of the word Useing & Using spelling mistakes are common! In fact, there are times when they are used more frequently than the correct spelling. This is likely due to the amount of slang and informal conversation that takes place on the internet & social media today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is opened and not openned?

Opened has just 2 syllables, -o & -pen. The first syllable is stressed and is the reason why we only use a single -N. Openned and oppened are the incorrect past for of open.

What is the difference between open and opened?

Opened is the past tense of open. It is a conjugation of the verb open. For example, “I am going to open the door.” You could also say, “I opened the door for Sarah when she walked in the building.”

Is there a past tense for open?

Yes, opened is the correct past tense form of open. For example, “Mark opened the car door for his grandmother.” The past participle opened is used to describe an action that occurred in the past.

The Bottom Line

By now you should be an expert on the different conjugations of the verb open. Opened is the correct simple past form of the word open. Openned is the incorrect past form & should not be used in your writing. Use this spelling tip to improve your writing and avoid making simple spelling mistakes. If you’re still having issues, check out our Grammar lookup tool for FREE!