Old vs Ol’ Meaning – What’s The Difference?

picture of ol lady and ol man

The English language is full of colloquial or informal words and phrases that are used in daily conversation. For fluent English speakers these words and phrases are common knowledge. However, for people trying to learn English they can cause confusion. In this post, we’ll teach you about the difference between ole vs ol’ & how … Read more

Why Is Editing Important? (Critical Steps In Writing Process)

picture of edited written document

Generally speaking, editing and proofreading are not topics that writers love to talk about. When people think of editors…they think boring. However, there is no denying that the editing process is a critical part of the writing process that can’t be over looked. Blog posts, academic papers, films, books, and other forms of written communication … Read more

Interjection and Conjunction – Learn the Differences

picture showing the definition of an interjection

Interjection and conjunction are two commonly confused words based on their phonetics. Settle this confusion in this article.  Interjection and conjunction are two words you’re bound to hear often and two words people often confuse when learning about English grammar. The confusion typically stems from the fact that the two words sound somewhat similar. In … Read more

Monkies or Monkeys? Which Is Correct?


Not sure whether the spelling is “monkies” or “monkeys?” Find out in this article.  English is a language notably less consistent than other languages. The grammar and spelling rules seem to vary so much that it’s hard to see them as rules. One of the rules that’s confusing to English learners is changing words from … Read more

Loose or Lose Weight – Which Word Is Correct?


Loose or lose weight? Are you making this common mistake? Keep reading to fix it. The English language is riddled with words that have similar spelling but completely different meanings. Two of those words are “loose” and “lose.” The issue with confusing these two words is that they may significantly change the meaning of any … Read more

Stoaked vs Stoked: Which Spelling Is Correct?

Image comparing the difference between stoaked and stoked

The English language has thousands of words that are similar in spelling & pronunciation but have different definitions. Stoaked and stoked are great examples of such a situation! After all, these words are only spelled one letter apart. However, as you will find out they do NOT have the same definition. Read on to learn … Read more

Nana or Nanna – Which Spelling Is Correct?

comparison of the words nana and nanna

There are many words in the English language that have similar spelling and pronunciation but different meanings. Many writers believe the words nana or nanna have the same meaning and can be used interchangeably. But, is this grammatically correct? Lucky for you, this post will give you that answer. In this post, we will answer … Read more

Grammer vs Grammar: Which Spelling Is Correct?

comparing the difference bewteen grammar vs grammer

The English language has many phrases & words that seem very similar, but have totally different meanings. New English speakers & writers often get confused when choosing between grammar or grammer. In this post, we’ll teach you how do you spell grammar & how to use these words correctly! Which Is Correct: Grammar vs Grammer? … Read more