How ever vs However – Which Is The Correct Spelling?

“However” is typically used as a single word and functions as a conjunction or adverb, indicating contrast or emphasizing a point. “How ever” is a two-word phrase where “how” is an adverb modifying “ever”.

Many new writers get caught up with the spelling of the words “how ever” vs “however”. At first glance, these words seem about the same. But the addition of the space makes the difference between these two words. So, which is the correct choice? There are many tricky words like role call or roll call in the English language. In this article, we’ll help you pick the correct answer and improve your writing.

Part of SpeechConjunction, Adverb
Conjunction UseIndicates a contrast or exception. Usually used to join two independent clauses.
Adverb UseIndicates a manner or degree. Often used to modify a statement.
Meaning as ConjunctionSuggests a contrast or exception to what has been previously stated. Example: “I wanted to go; however, I was too tired.”
Meaning as AdverbUsed to emphasize a statement or to mean ‘to whatever extent’. Example: “However hard he tried, he could not open the door.”
Position in Sentence (Conjunction)Typically at the beginning of a clause, followed by a comma.
Position in Sentence (Adverb)Can vary; often at the beginning, middle, or end of a sentence, depending on what it modifies.
Common UsageOften used in academic and formal writing to present contrasting ideas or facts.

Main Difference: However vs How Ever?

man thinking about difference between however vs how ever

The addition of a space between how and ever does matter. This is the same as with the with in and within spelling rules. Look no further than the parts of speech when trying to decide which spelling is correct.

  • However – The word however can be used as an adverb conjunction, like yet or but, meaning no matter how or in whatever way. For example, you could say, “She failed her driving test three times, however she refused to give up.”
  • How Ever – The word ever is used as an intensifier to make the sentence stronger. Adding a space creates an emphatic form. In most cases, you can remove ever from your sentences and it will still make sense.

How To use “However”?

However is a conjunctive adverb, which means no matter how or in whatever way. This reminds me of the grammar rules with nonetheless vs nevertheless.

  • For example, you could say “I’m not hungry now; however, I will be in an hour.” This means that no matter what, you will be hungry in an hour.
  • “She is failing English; however, she is doing well in math.” This means that no matter what her English grade is, her math grade is good.

Side Note: Pay close attention to the however punctuation rules when using this word. Improving your punctuation is a major key to improving

How To Use “How Ever”?

If you’re looking to add a bit of punch to your writing, the words “how ever” can be a great intensifier. Whether you’re trying to emphasize a point or make a contrast, these two little words can help you do just that. This is very similar to the good night vs goodnight grammar rules!

It can be tricky to manage all the different spelling rules in the English language. But if you want to see if you used this phrase correctly, remove the word ever?

Does the sentence still make sense? If so, congrats you spelled it correctly.

Tip: Just be careful not to overdo it – too much of anything is never a good thing. So use them sparingly and with purpose, and you’ll find they can be a powerful addition to your repertoire.

What Are The Synonyms For “However”?

The below table contains all the synonyms of “however”.

As a ConjunctionNonetheless, Nevertheless, Still, Yet, But, Although, Though, Whereas
As an AdverbNonetheless, Nevertheless, Yet, Nonetheless, Regardless, Irrespective

How Do You Use “However” In A Sentence?

Here are 7 sentence examples that demonstrate how to use “however” correctly.

  1. I was determined to get to the top of the mountain, however, the conditions were against me.
  2. I had studied hard for the test, however, I still failed.
  3. She’s usually a very friendly person, however, she didn’t seem to want to talk to me today.
  4. He’s very smart, however, he doesn’t always apply himself.
  5. The food was quite good, however, the service was terrible.
  6. I’m grateful for what you did, however, it wasn’t enough.
  7. I know you’re upset, however, you need to calm down.

Frequently Asked Question

What does how ever mean?

Ever is an intensifier, which is a word that amplifies the meaning of another word. In this case, it’s amplifying the word “how.” So “how ever” means “in whatever way.” It can be used to emphasize whatever follows it, as in this sentence: I don’t care how ever you want to do it.

How do you use However in a sentence?

I didn’t get the job, however, I am grateful for the opportunity. The word “however” can be used as a conjunction to show contrast or to introduce a new idea. In the example sentence, it is used to show the contrast between getting the job and not getting the job. It can also be used to introduce a new idea, such as being grateful for the opportunity.

How do you use ever correctly?

The word “ever” is used to indicate that something has happened at some point in time or that it is always the case. For example, “I don’t ever want to be a data analyst again!”

How much ever or however much?

It depends on how you use it. “How much” is usually an amount, while “ever” is used for time. You can say “I’ve eaten how much chocolate in my lifetime?” to mean “How many ounces of chocolate have I eaten in my lifetime?” You can also say “I will eat however much chocolate you want,” which means you’re willing to eat any amount the other person wants.

The Bottom Line

By now you are an expert on these two commonly confused words. These words actually follow a very similar spelling rule to in case or encase Remember to add the space if you want to create some extra emphasis. Use the word however to introduce a contrasting statement or further explain yourself. And if you need some extra spelling help, use our free Grammar Check or our free online spelling checker tool! Use these tips to become a better writer today.