Lots or Lot’s – Is There A Difference?

The words “lots” and “lot’s” are two words that are commonly confused. Some writers think the apostrophe is needed. While others prefer not to use any punctuation at all. Which spelling is correct? In this post, we’ll teach you this spelling rule so that you don’t make a silly typo!

What’s The Difference: Lots and Lot’s

thinking about the difference between lots vs lot's

At first glance, both of these words seem to be almost identical and most writers would think they have the same meaning, just like anyways vs anyway. However, they do NOT have the same definition.

  • Lots – Is most commonly used as an informal version & plural form of the words “a lot”. Although it can be a noun, it is most frequently used as an adverb describing the amount of something.
  • Lot’s – The word lot can be used as a noun to mean a portion of land. The “apostrophe + S” is used to show ownership. (i.e “Mark got arrested for stealing the local parking lot’s street signs.”)

Takeaway: In most contexts, lots is the correct word to use to describe the amount of something.

When To Use Lots

The word “lots” comes up frequently in casual conversations. “Lots” is an informal way of saying “a lot” or “many.” In most cases, it is used as a plural noun meaning a large amount of something. For example:

  • “There are lots of cars in the parking lot of the movie theatre.”
  • “I have lots of homework to do today before I can hang out with my friends.”

However, it can also be used as an adverb. Remember, this is informal and should only be used in casual conversations, texts, and emails. This is very similar to the usage of the words hun vs hon in language. Here are some examples

  • “I’m feeling lots better today after getting over the flu.”
  • “She sings lots better than I do.”

An important part of English grammar rules is knowing when to use formal vs informal language. In a professional setting, use the words “a lot” instead!

Possessive Apostrophe Rules

There are many different ways to use apostrophes in your writing. The most common use case is to show or demonstrate ownership. They are placed after the noun that is being possessed.

Here are some great examples:

  • Singular noun possession: Add an apostrophe and the letter “s” to the end of the noun.
  • Plural noun possession: Add an apostrophe after the “s.” For example: “The cats’ toys” (The toys belong to the cats.)
  • Plural noun that does not end in “s”: Add an apostrophe and the letter “s” to the end of the noun. There are also unique rules such as how to add an apostrophe after Z in your writing.

Synonyms For ‘Lots Of’

Here are some great synonyms for the phrase “lots of” that you can using in your writing. These words are plural and should be used before uncountable nouns or countable nouns.

  • Many
  • Several
  • Plenty
  • Several
  • A large number
  • A great deal
  • A significant amount
  • A large quantity
  • A good deal

Remember, context is everything! Picking the appropriate synonym depends on the context in which the word is being used. Just like with the words him and I vs he and I, the correct word choice depends on the formality of the sentence!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it grammatically correct to say lots?

Only in informal situations. In standard English, “lots” is used as a mass noun and takes a singular verb form: “There are lots of people here.” You cannot say “There are lot’s of people here.”

Does lots have an apostrophe in it?

No, “lots” does not have an apostrophe in it. It is an informal word meaning “a lot”, and the apostrophe is not necessary to indicate that plurality. In fact, adding an apostrophe would actually make the word incorrect, because it would then signify ownership.

Is it lots or Lot’s of love?

It’s “lots” of love, not “Lot’s” of love. If you’re just talking about the amount of love someone has, it should be “lots”. For example, a singer might say “I have lots of love for my fans.” This means they have a large amount of love and respect for their fans.

What is the meaning of Lot’s?

The word lot’s is grammatically incorrect in most situations. The word lots can have a few different meanings. It can be used as a noun to refer to the section of land or as an adverb meaning “a great deal” or “very much.”

The Bottom Line

Now you understand the difference between lot’s and lots. Although these words are only separated by a single punctuation mark, they are NOT the same. The correct spelling is lots. Remember, only use an apostrophe like this to show ownership. And if you’re struggling with this spelling rule and need something to correct this sentence for me, consider using our FREE grammar tool. It never hurts to proofread your work!