Miss You vs I Miss You – What’s The Difference?

The English language can be very tricky to master because there are many ways to deliver the same message. Take a look at the phrases “miss you” vs “I miss you”. Is there a difference between these two sentences? I found a similar issue when comparing yup vs yep. After all, they are just one letter apart. In this post, we’ll teach you which phrase is correct & how to respond to it!

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Difference Between I Miss You vs Miss You

sending a text message with the words "I miss you"

The difference between “I miss you” and “miss you” is that the former is a complete sentence, expressing an emotion, while the latter is an incomplete sentence, which is an expression of longing. “

The phrase “miss you” on its own does not specify a subject, although it is implied to be “I”. Whereas it is more complete to write “I miss you.”

I miss you” conveys a feeling of sadness, regret, or loneliness, while “Miss you” conveys the same sentiment but is less intense. You can greatly miss someone, but word choice will always matter!

Takeaway: Both phrases can be used. Saying just “miss you” is for more casual settings.

When To Use Miss You

The phrase “miss you” is an informal way to remind someone that you haven’t seen them in too long. This is the more popular phrase and is used when communicating in a variety of different ways.

  • Test message
  • Email
  • Social media DM

This is the present tense way to indicate that you are currently missing someone or something. Just don’t wait until it is too late to tell that special someone that you miss them!

When To Use I Miss You

The phrase “I miss you can be used when you are away from someone you care about and feel a longing to be with them.” If you receive a text from a boyfriend or girlfriend with this message, there are a few ways you could respond:

  • Miss you too!
  • How have you been ?
  • I miss you more!

You could even respond, “good to hear from you” if it is somebody that is not very close to you.

Which Is More Popular?

comparing popularity of i miss you vs miss you

A quick search of Google’s Ngram shows that is the more popular phrase. As you can see, the phrase “miss you” is more frequently used.

This is likely due to the fact that this phrase is only used with people that you have a close relationship with. There is no need to type in an overly formal manner when you speak to a loved one or close friend! And just like we saw in our analysis of has been vs have been, the popularity of words can change over time!

When To Use Missed You

There is also a difference between I missed you vs I miss you!

As we already discussed, “I miss you” is the present tense way to indicate that you miss someone. In other words, this means that you are currently missing someone that you are involved with or have feelings for.

However, “I missed you” is written in the past simple form, just like the terms burnt vs burned. This is commonly used to indicate that you either used to miss somebody. However, it can also be used to describe a time when you went to meet someone and could not find them

  • For example, “I went to the mall to meet up with you last week but I must have missed you because you were nowhere in sight.”

Other Ways To Say I Miss You

If you are looking for another way to tell someone you miss them, consider these phrases. You could also send a postcard or give them a call!

  1. I long for you.
  2. I’m thinking of you.
  3. I yearn for you.
  4. I wish you were here.
  5. I feel lost without you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean when a guy says Miss you instead of I miss you?

It could mean that he is teasing you or flirting with you. It could also be a sign of affection; he is trying to show you that he is thinking about you and misses you. Generally speaking, there is not a huge difference between these two phrases. Both are the present simple form of missing someone. However, saying “I miss you” is more formal than just “miss you”.

Is it OK to say miss you?

Yes, it is ok to send a message saying “miss you”. This is a grammatically correct way to indicate you are missing someone in the present tense. However, this is considered an informal phrase and should not be used in official or formal contexts.

What does I miss you miss you mean?

Saying “I miss you miss you” is a way to add emphasis to your message. This might be used by a guy to add emotion to a girl to tell her she is missed.

What do I reply to I miss you?

You can reply with “I miss you too” or “I’m here for you.” There are many ways to respond depending on the context of your relationship with the person. If you are best friends in life or in a relationship with the person, you can use a more personal reply. If the message is from a distant friend, you might reply “I hope to see you soon.”

The Bottom Line

Now you know the difference between I miss you and miss you. As it turns out, both phrases are acceptable and informal ways of saying that you want to see someone. However, the phrase “miss you” is more casual and carries less emotion! Pick the right phrase depending the context of your conversation. And if you need some extra help, consider our spell checker free tool!