“Much Appreciated”: Meaning, Use Case, Synonyms, Sentence Examples

The expression “much appreciated” is a casual way of expressing thanks or gratitude to someone. This saying is informal and should only be used in casual settings, such as talking with friends.

There are many synonyms for “much appreciated” including: “thanks a lot”, “thanks so much”, and “thanks heaps”.

In this post, we’ll further explain the meaning of much appreciated, how it should be used, common synonyms, and sentence examples.

Much Appreciated Meaning

What Is The Definition Of “Much Appreciated”?

The phrase “much appreciated” is a polite and courteous way of expressing gratitude or thankfulness. It is often used to convey one’s gratitude in a more formal or appreciative manner.

Mark: “I just finished up cleaning your room.”

Tom: “Much appreciated Mark!”

This saying does not have a formal or professional tone. In fact, it is considered informal because it is a casual and conversational way of expressing thanks. Here are some situations this saying is used in daily conversation.

  • Everyday interactions.
  • Informal emails.
  • Conversations with friends and colleagues.

If you’re in a professional setting, try using “thank you very much” or “I am deeply grateful” instead.

In What Contexts Should “Much Appreciated” Be Used?

“Much appreciated” should be used in casual contexts where you want to express gratitude or thanks in a polite and appreciative manner. This phrase is typically employed in informal situations to acknowledge a favor, help, or kindness received from someone.

  • For example, if a co-worker helps you with a project at work, you might say, “Your help with the project is much appreciated.”

This expression “much appreciated” could be used in any situation where overly formal language would seem awkward.

What Are Synonyms For “Much Appreciated”?

Here are several formal & professional synonyms to “much appreciated”.

  1. Thank you
  2. Many thanks
  3. Thanks ever so much

Here are several informal & casual synonyms to “much appreciated”.

  1. Thanks a lot
  2. Thanks so much
  3. Thanks heaps
  4. Thanks a ton
  5. Thanks a bunch
  6. Thanks a million
synonyms Much Appreciated

How Do You Use “Much Appreciated” In A Sentence?

Below are a list of grammatically correct sentence examples that contain the phrase “much appreciated”.

  • Your assistance with the project is much appreciated.
  • Thanks for taking the time to help me move; it’s much appreciated.
  • Your advice on the matter is much appreciated; it helped me make an informed decision.
  • I want to express my gratitude for your support during this challenging time; it’s much appreciated.
  • The team’s hard work and dedication are much appreciated by the entire organization.

And just like we saw in our recent analysis of the words past due vs passed due, writers need to pay close attention to their word choice in their sentences.

Popularity Analysis

The below graphic demonstrates Google’s ngram data for the phrase “much appreciated”. This saying has become less popular since the early 1900s. Although it is still commonly used to express gratitude in a casual setting, it has not reached it’s previously levels of popularity. But just like we saw in our earlier analysis of the word repore, the popularity of certain vocab words can change dramatically in just a few years.

much appreciated popularity

What Are Antonyms Of “Much Appreciated”?

Below are 5 antonyms for the phrase “much appreciated”.

  1. Disregarded. Ignored or not valued.
  2. Unacknowledged. Not recognized or appreciated.
  3. Ungrateful. Lacking gratitude or not appreciative of kindness.
  4. Unthankful. Not thankful or showing appreciation.
  5. Unrecognized. Not acknowledged or appreciated for one’s efforts.

What Are Common Grammar Mistakes For “Much Appreciated”?

Writers often make grammatical mistakes when using the expression “much appreciated”. Here are some of the most common grammar mistakes.

  1. Incorrect Verb Form. Some people might mistakenly say “much appreciate” without the “-d” at the end of “appreciate.”
  2. Wrong Tense. People might use the phrase in the present tense, such as “much appreciates.”
  3. Misspelling. People might misspell the phrase as “much appreaciated” or “much appriciated”.

The Bottom Line

By now you should be an expert on how to show appreciation using the phrase “much appreciated”. This saying is a popular way of showing thanks in the English language. However, this is an informal phrase that should not be used in more professional contexts. If you need help with similar grammar rules, consider using our grammar reviewing tool to make things easy!