Is It “Past Due” or “Passed Due”?

The correct term is “past due.” “Past due” is used to indicate that something is overdue (had a due date in the past). It is most commonly used in the context of late payments or invoices.

In this phrase, “past” is an adverb indicating a time that has gone by, suggesting that the specified time for an action or payment has already transpired.

In order to fully understand this phrase, you’ll need to know the difference between the words “past” and “passed.” “Past” refers to a time that has gone by. “Passed” is the past tense of the verb “pass,” meaning to move or go beyond.

In this post, we’ll dive deeper into the meaning of “past due”, sentence examples, common synonyms, and much more!

past due definition

What Does “Past Due” Mean?

“Past due” is used to describe something that is overdue or has not been completed or paid by the required date or agreed-upon time. It is commonly used in the below in financial contexts.

  • Overdue bill
  • Overdue invoices
  • Overdue loan installments

The phrase indicates that a specified deadline has passed, and the payment or action should have been completed by that time. It serves as a reminder that the designated time for completion has lapsed, emphasizing the need for prompt attention or resolution.

How To use “Past Due” In A Sentence?

Below are 7 example sentences that demonstrate how to the phrase “past due” correctly.

  1. The utility company sent a notice that my electricity bill is past due.
  2. Despite multiple reminders, the library informed me that the borrowed books are now past due.
  3. The credit card statement indicated that my minimum payment is past due, and I need to settle the outstanding amount to avoid additional charges.
  4. The landlord issued a warning that the rent is past due, urging tenants to submit their payments before the end of the week.
  5. The project timeline is in jeopardy as several crucial milestones are past due, requiring immediate attention to get the initiative back on track.
  6. The magazine subscription is past due, and unless the renewal is processed soon, the subscription will be discontinued.
  7. The supplier notified us that the payment for the recent shipment is past due.

What Are Synonyms For “Past Due”?

Here is a table that contain the synonyms for the past tense expression “past due”.

OverdueDescribes something that should have been done or paid by a specific time but hasn’t been completed.
DelinquentOften used in financial contexts to signify a late or overdue payment, especially in loans or credit accounts.
LateIndicates that something is behind schedule or has not been completed by the expected time.
OutstandingImplies that a payment or task is still pending and has not been settled within the designated timeframe.
UnsettledSuggests that an obligation or payment remains unresolved and has not been taken care of within the required timeframe.
OvertimeRefers to something that extends beyond its expected or agreed-upon time, often in the context of deadlines or due dates.
UnpaidDenotes that a bill, invoice, or obligation has not been satisfied with the necessary payment within the stipulated timeframe.

Popularity Analysis

Google’s Ngram data, show in the graphic below, clearly demonstrates that “past due” is used far more frequently than “passed due” in published writing. The popularity of “past due” peaked in 1940 and has declined significantly since then. However, just like we saw in our recent analysis of the saying “subject to changing“, the popularity of certain words & expressions can change drastically in a few years.

popularity of past due

What Are The Antonyms For “Past Due”

Here are the antonyms for “past due”.

  1. Current. Describing something that is up-to-date and in accordance with the present time, suggesting that no deadlines have been missed.
  2. Timely. Referring to actions or payments that are completed within the specified or expected timeframe.
  3. Punctual. Signifying an adherence to schedules and the completion of tasks or obligations at the agreed-upon time.

What Are Common Grammar Mistakes With “Past Due”?

The most common grammar mistakes when using the expression “past due” are incorrect usage of past vs passed & improper word placement.

AS we already discussed, writers often confuse “past” and “passed.” The correct term is “past due,” where “past” is used as an adverb to indicate that a deadline or due date has transpired.

Another common mistake involves the incorrect placement of “past due” within a sentence. It is crucial to position the term appropriately to convey the intended meaning. And if you need more help with rules like this, consider using our own tool to check your grammar for free!