“Thank You Both” – Is This Phrase Grammatically Correct?

There are many popular words and phrases in the English language to show your appreciation to someone or a group of people. The phrase “thank you both” is amongst the most commonly used! But, is this considered to be grammatically correct? In this post, we will fully explain if this is grammatically incorrect and how to use it in your writing.

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Which Is Correct: Thank you both vs Thanks to both of you

two groups of men saying Thank you both vs Thanks to both of you

Just like we saw when analyzing the phrases , there is often different ways to communicate the same message. As it turns out, this rule also hold true for expressing thanks to multiple people.

Both the phrases “thank you both” and “thanks to both of you” are grammatically correct. You can use either phrase interchangeably in your writing. With both of these expressions, the word “thank” acts as the verb and “you” is the subject. Using the word “both” makes the statement plural.

Here are a few situations where you might use these phrases:

  • You parents buy you a nice birthday gift.
  • Two of your friends take you out to dinner.
  • Two of your classmates offer to help you study for a very difficult test.

How To Use “Thank You Both”

As, we already discussed, the phrase “thank you both” is the preferred and more popular way to show your gratitude to someone. Here are some examples of how to use this phrase correctly in your writing.

  • Thank you both for coming to my movie premier!
  • Thank you both for sending flowers for my wife’s birthday.
  • You guys have always been there for me. So I wanted to take a minute to thank you both for everything!

Just like we saw in our analysis of addition vs edition, small spelling changes can completely change a sentence. Pay close attention to your vocabulary.

Which Is More Popular?

google ngram data for the phrase "thank you both"

As you can see by analyzing Google’s ngram data, the phrase “thank you both” is used far more frequently in published writing. Although “thanks to both of you” is technically correct, it is also wordy. Consider checking out our list of 32 wordy sentences to know similar phrases to look out for.

In the 1960s this phrase became increasingly popular and hasn’t slowed down yet. However, like we saw with the comparison of “what kinds of or what kind of“, vocabulary changes with time. As culture changes, so does the word choice of our authors!

Why Is “I” Not Needed?

Technically speaking, it is correct to say “I thank you both” or “I thank you” to show your appreciation for something. However, it is NOT needed.

The phrase “thank you both” is shorter and more concise. It utilizes an implied subject and has correct subject & verb agreement. In most cases, you are better off using the minimum amount of words needed to express your thoughts.

Thanking A Large Group Of People

As a native speaker, there are several ways you can express thanks to a large group of people. These phrases are most appropriate for more than two people.

  • Thank you, everyone.
  • Thank you all.
  • Thanks again to all of you for coming to my event!

Just like we saw in our break down of i seen or i saw, small spelling changes can totally change the meaning and definition of a phrase.

Is A Comma Needed?

Many new writers get confused when think about how to use a comma correctly. Whether you are using the singular or plural form of thank you a comma is not needed!

You only need to use a comma when making a direct address to someone or a group of people.

  • Thank you, Mark.
  • Thank you, Mark and Tom.

Popular Synonyms

Just like we saw with the phrases Discussed About vs Discuss About, there are often many ways to say the same thing. Here are several different ways to say “thank you both”.

  • “Many thanks to the two of you”
  • “Appreciate your help”
  • “My sincere gratitude”
  • “Much obliged”

There are also many informal & grammatically incorrect phrases like “good looks” to express thanks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it correct to say thank you both?

Yes, it is consider correct grammar to say “thank you both”. In the English language, there are many ways you can express your thanks depending on the context of the situation.

How do you say thank you to both people?

You can say this a few different ways. You can say “thank you both”, “Thanks to both of you”, or even “I thank you both”. The above examples are just a few of many correct ways you can thank more than two people.

Does thank you both need a comma?

You only need a comma after “thank you” when you are making a direct address. If you are addressing just one person you might say “thank you, Jim for all the help”. However, if you are thanking multiple people you might say “thanks you both, Jim and Mary, for all the help.”

How do you say thank you both professionally?

The two expressions which are most professional are “thank you both very much” and “I appreciate your help”. Native English speakers often use these expressions at work and other formal settings.

The Bottom Line

By now, you should be an expert on using the expression “thank you both”. The word “both” can effectively act as a subject pronoun to thank more than one person. You can also see there many different ways that you can express your appreciation to someone. Pick the best phrase for you depending on how formal or informal the situation is. And if you need any additional help, plug your writing into our FREE tool to see which is correct grammar and avoid making silly mistakes.