Top Of The Morning – Meaning, Origin, Responses, Synonyms

“Top of the morning” is a phrase used as a greeting in the morning. This phrase originated in Ireland and is most commonly used by working-class phrase used as an alternative to “good morning”.

In this post, we’ll cover the meaning of “top of the morning”, where it originated, how to respond, and common synonyms you can use. We’ll also include some sentence examples to further demonstrate how to use this popular greeting.

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What Is The Meaning Of “Top Of The Morning”?

“Top of the morning” a way of saying “good morning” or “hello” to someone at the beginning of the day. It is a colloquial phrase used as a friendly greeting in Irish and British English.

The phrase is used in a light-hearted and cheerful manner to wish someone a good start to their day. If you live in an English-speaking country, you most likely heard this phrase in a joking manner in an attempt at imitating Irish people.

“Top of the morning” is an informal phrase used amongst friends and regular working-class people. More traditional and standard greetings like “good morning” should be ysedformal settings. This helps maintain a professional tone and avoids any potential misunderstandings.

How Do You Use “Top Of The Morning” In A Sentence?

Below are 5 sentence examples that contain the saying “top of the morning”.

  1. Top of the morning, folks! Ready to kickstart the day with a cup of freshly brewed coffee?
  2. As I opened the curtains, I was greeted by the radiant sunrise—truly the top of the morning.
  3. Lisa’s cheerful voice called out, Top of the morning, everyone! Her positivity was infectious.
  4. The team gathered around the conference table for their top of the morning meeting, discussing the day’s agenda.
  5. With a hearty Top of the morning to you, the old innkeeper welcomed guests as they entered the charming Irish bed and breakfast.

Just like we saw in our analysis of the phrase “I like the cut of your jib” writers need to understand the best time to use informal phrases like this.

What Is The Origin Of “Top Of The Morning”?

The origin of the phrase “Top of the morning” can be traced back to Ireland. This colloquial expression has its roots in Irish culture and language.

The phrase “Top of the morning” was commonly used by working-class people in Ireland. It was a friendly and informal greeting. Over time, the expression gained broader recognition and found its way into English-speaking cultures beyond Ireland.

However, there are even phrases like “as per your request” that do not have a specified origin that have become very popular in the English language.

How Do You Respond To “Top Of The Morning”?

There are many different ways to respond to this popular Irish greeting. Here are 5 ways to respond to the phrase “top of the morning”.

  1. “And the rest of the day to you!”
  2. “Good morning to you too!”
  3. “Hello there, how’s your day starting?”
  4. “Hey, hope you’re doing well!”
  5. “Top of the morning indeed! Ready to tackle the day?”

But just like was saw in our breakdown of the term “LWK“, writers need to understand the proper context before picking a proper response.

Are There Synonyms For “Top Of The Morning”?

Here is a list of 9 synonyms that can replace the phrase “top of the morning”.

  • Good morning
  • Hello
  • Greetings
  • Mornin’
  • Rise and shine
  • Bright and early
  • Dawn greeting
  • Salutations
  • Hey there

Remember, just like we learned in our post about the meaning of fishing in the dark, writers need to understand the context while making their word choices. It is not appropriate to use casual or slang vocabulary in formal contexts.

Popularity Analysis

The phrase “top of the morning” has a long history of use in the British Isles and daily Irish speech. Working class phrase apparently used this phrase as a morning greeting for hundreds of years. It has regained popularity since the mid-1990s. In modern English-speaking countries, this phrase is used as a form of celebrating one’s Irish heritage. However, just like we saw in our recent post about the Japanese word Kimochi, we found even foreign sayings can become popular in English countries.

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What Are Other Popular Greetings?

There are many different greetings that can be used depending on the context. Some greetings can be used in just about any situation. However, other greetings can only be used during certain situations or times of the day. Here are 3 popular greetings & how they should be used.

  1. Hello – “Hello” is a universal greeting that can be used in any context. It’s suitable for both formal and informal interactions.
  2. Good morning – “Good morning” is a specific greeting used in the early hours of the day (morning).
  3. Hey – “Hey” is an informal greeting that’s often used among friends, family members, and acquaintances. It should not be used in formal settings such as business meetings or academic settings.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is “top of the morning” used worldwide?

Yes, it’s recognized in English-speaking cultures globally as a warm morning greeting.

Can “top of the morning” be used in formal settings?

No, “top of the morning” should not be used in formal settings. This is a casual phrase most commonly used by Irish people to say good morning.

The Bottom Line

By now you should be an expert on the phrase “top of the morning”. This Irish phrase is an alternate way to greet someone in the morning. Although it originated from Irish culture, this phrase has been adopted by many English-speaking countries as a way to say good morning. If you need more help with grammar rules like this, consider using our own grammar review software to proofread your writing for you!