Which Is Correct: “Looking Forward To Seeing You” vs “I Am Looking Forward To See You”?

Looking forward to seeing you

The phrase “I’m looking forward to seeing you” to show anticipation and excitement for an upcoming meeting. It is not correct to use the phrase “I’m looking forward to see you”. By understanding the distinctions between these phrases, we can ensure our writing is grammatically correct and avoid miscomunication. In this post we’ll define this … Read more

Dieing or Dying – Which Word Is Correct?

Is my cat dieing or dying

Death is something that no living thing can avoid…at least yet. Until science and cloning technology gets to a point where immortality is on the table, we are dealing with this reality. However, is it correct to say “dieing” or “dying”? It turns out these similar words have completely different meanings. This article will show … Read more

Which Is The Correct Spelling: Boxs or Boxes?

Boxes Spelling

The correct plural form of box is boxes. By adding an -ES after the -X a writer indicates that there is more than one box. In this post, we will cover the spelling for the plural form of box and the possessive form of box. Read on for sentence examples, synonyms for box, and other … Read more

Me Either or Me Neither – Which Is Grammatically Correct?

Is it me neither or me either

If you’re like most people, you’ve probably been using the phrases “me either” and “me neither” in your writing and conversation for years. But is this grammatically correct? The answer might surprise you. In this post, we’ll answer that question and help you choose between “me either” or “me neither”. Me Neither vs. Me Either … Read more

Anyway or Anyways – Which Word Is Correct?

Anyways or Anyway

Which is the correct word – “anyway” or “anyways”? You might be surprised to learn that both words can be correct. However, you need to focus on using these words in the proper context. Using the wrong in your writing can be considered grammatically incorrect. In this post, we’ll discuss the difference between “anyway” vs … Read more