How Many Words in a Paragraph? And Other Writing Tips

writer thinking about paragraphs while writing an essay

Knowing how many words in a paragraph is essential to keep your writing clear and concise. Learn more in this article. Whether you’re writing an essay or a well-crafted letter, you must understand the purpose of a paragraph, its structure, how to write one, and of course, how long it should be. If you think your … Read more

A Unique or An Unique – Pick The Correct Phrase

man thinking if he should Say A Unique or An Unique Opportunity

There are many phrases we use in our daily writing in conversation, like too cute or to cute, that are not actually proper grammar. The words “a unique or an unique” fall into that same category. Should there be the word “a” or “an” before unique? Most writers get this confused. In this post we’ll … Read more

Drier or Dryer – Explain These Two Words

picture of woman thinking about her word choice between drier & dryer

There are many words in our everyday language that sound identical but have different meanings. Think about the phrases that’s besides the point beside the point for example.We call these words homophones. The words dryer and drier are no different. Although these words have similar spellings & pronunciations, their meanings are totally different. In this … Read more

What Are Vivid Verbs? Definition, Examples, and More

Can I tell you a secret

When writing, your goal should not only be to be clear and concise, but you should also aim to capture the reader with your words.  Your writing is much more enjoyable when you use expressive literary techniques to paint a picture in the reader’s mind. One method you should use to do this is vivid … Read more

To Cute or Too Cute Grammar (To vs Too)

woman telling another woman that she is just too cute

Many writers get tripped up with similar words such as to & too. Especially when it comes to giving a friend a nice compliment. For example, consider the “to cute” or “too cute” grammar rules for a second. Which is the correct phrase? In this post, we’ll break down the difference between to cute and … Read more

Have Had vs Had Had – Grammar Rules 101

teacher explaining Grammar Rules for Had Had

Many writers second guess themselves before writing the phrases “have had” and “had had”. For one, they just seem awkward. There is no chance they are grammatically correct, right? In this post, we’ll fully explain the “have had” and “had had” grammar rules. Use these tips and tricks in your writing! Had Had Grammar Rules … Read more

QuillBot vs Grammarly – Pick The Best Grammar Checker

picture comparing grammarly vs quillbot on cell phones

At this point, if you are not using a grammar checker as your own personal writing assistant then you’re falling behind. For a variety of reasons, grammar checkers are a must-have. But it can be tricky to decide which tool fits your specific needs best. Most writers narrow their decision down to Quillbot vs Grammarly. … Read more