30 Perfect Responses To “Thank You” (Polite, Formal, Casual, and More!)

Thank you response

“Thank you” is one of the most popular ways to express appreciation or gratitude in the English language. But what’s the best way to respond to “thank you”? Writers need to heavily consider the context before picking the best response. There are Polite Responses, Formal Responses, Casual Responses, Informal Responses, Humorous Responses, and Grateful Responses. … Read more

WYS In Text: Meaning, How To Reply, Examples, Synonyms

WYS meaning text

‘WYS’ literally means ‘what you saying’. Alternatively, it can also mean “whatever you say,” “what you said,” or “what’s your status?”. ‘WYS’ is commonly used by gamers to chat with their friends in pre-game lobbies. To reply, you could simply give an update of what you’re currently doing or going to do later. Some common … Read more

Where You From: Meaning, Variations, Examples, Popularity

where you from meaning

The saying “where you from” is an informal way of asking someone where they were originally born or raised by their family. In most situations, it is more grammatically correct to say “where are you from” instead. You can answer this question by responding with the state, city, town or even street you grew up … Read more

Messege or Message – Pick The Right Spelling

Should I say messege or message

Making a silly spelling mistake can completely derail your writing and hurt your credibility as an author. Many writers seem to confuse message vs massage. One of these options is not even an English word! In this post, we’ll teach you how to choose between messege or message and prevent making an embarrassing typo. Which … Read more

“LWK”: Meaning, Synonyms, Examples

LWK Meaning

The acronym ‘LWK’ means ‘low key’. ‘Low key’ is an informal phrase that is normally used to describe someone or something as subtle. It is also used frequently as a slang term to describe something or state an opinion about something in a cautious way. There are many different formal synonyms that can be used … Read more

“Thank You For Your Continued Support”: Meaning, Examples, Synonyms, Origin

Thank you for continued support

The expression “thank you for your continued support” is used to display appreciation & gratitude for past and current assistance. It does not imply the guarantee of future support. This saying is frequently seen in different business partnerships and various professional arenas. It is a common misconception that writers think it is ok to say … Read more