Cara Mia: Meaning, Origin, Sentence Examples, Synonyms

Cia Mia

The phrase Cara Mia means “my beloved” or “my dear” in the Italian language. It is a term of endearment that is most commonly used when talking with a partner (wife or girlfriend). Some common synonyms for cara mia include darling, beloved, sweetheart, and more. In this post we’ll dive deeper into the meaning of … Read more

To Late or Too Late – Which Is Correct?

Should I say to late or too late

Everyone has shown up late to an event and asked “Is it too late?” But is this grammatically correct? Should you have said “Is it to late?” Many beginner writers make this very simple mistake. We saw the same conclusion in our analysis of to long or too long! In this article, we’ll teach you … Read more

Safe Travels: Meaning, Sentence Examples, Synonyms

Safe Travels

The phrase “safe travels” is a common phrase that is used to wish someone a safe journey. It is most commonly used before a flight, train ride, or long car ride. There are many synonyms or alternate phrases that can be used including “have a safe journey”, “travel safely”, and “have a smooth trip”. In … Read more

Priviledge vs Privilege: Spelling, Definitions, Use Cases

how to spell privilege

Privilege is the correct spelling & priviledge is a very common misspelling. The word privilege is most commonly used as a noun meaning an advantage gained or special right given. There are many different types of privileges people can have including but not limited to sexual privilege, race privilege, economic privilege and religious privilege. The … Read more

Which Phrase Is Correct: Would It Be Ok vs Is It Ok?

Would it be ok vs Is it ok

The phrases “would it be ok” and “is it ok” can both be used correctly in the English language. Both phrases are used to ask for permission or authorization to perform an action. The context of your writing determines which phrase should be used in a specific situation. The phrase “would it be ok” is … Read more

What’s The Correct Plural Form Of Christmas? (Christmases vs Christmas’s vs Christmas’)


Christmases is the correct plural form of the word Christmas. Christmas is an international holiday that celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ. When referring to more than one Christmas, use the spelling Christmases. Many new writers mistakenly use the spelling Christmas’s or Christmas’ in their writing. However, both of these spellings can be correct when … Read more

Blond or Blonde Hair Color – Which Is Correct?

Blond or Blonde

In the battle of blond or blonde, which is the correct spelling? It’s a question that has caused many arguments and even some bloodshed (okay, maybe that’s a slight exaggeration). The truth is that both spellings can be correct in the right context. In this article, we’ll teach you how to use blond and blonde … Read more