Per Your Request: Meaning, How To Use, Synonyms

per your request meaning

The expression “per your request” is used to indicate or communicate compliance with a prior request or demand. “Per your request” is a highly formal phrase that is most commonly used in various legal communications. There are many different synonym phrases that can be used in place of “per your request” including the following “as … Read more

That Being Said: Meaning, How To use, Synonyms, And More!

that being said

The phrase “that being said” indicates that an alternative phrase is going to be used by the speaker. Normally this phrase will contradict previous statements from the same discussion. This phrase is used as a common transitional phrase in both formal and informal writing contexts. “That being said” transitions to the next statement that opposes … Read more

Top Of The Morning – Meaning, Origin, Responses, Synonyms

top of the morning

“Top of the morning” is a phrase used as a greeting in the morning. This phrase originated in Ireland and is most commonly used by working-class phrase used as an alternative to “good morning”. In this post, we’ll cover the meaning of “top of the morning”, where it originated, how to respond, and common synonyms … Read more

“Kimochi”: Meaning, Origin, Example Sentences, Synonyms


The Japanese word kimochi can be literally translated to “feeling”. This state of feeling does not imply a positive or negative sentiment. However, “kimochi ii” is translated to “good feeling” and is used to convey a positive feeling. The word kimochi originates from the Japanese language. It English speaking countries, the word kimochi is most … Read more

Fishing In The Dark: Meaning, Sentence Examples, Synonyms

Fishing in the dark meaning

The phrase “fishing in the dark” has 3 main meanings. It can be used to refer to post sundown fishing, a late night romantic encounter, or a situation when someone has to act without sufficient information. This phrase is most commonly used to describe a situation when someone is pursuing a romantic relationship without knowing … Read more

Resonates With Me: Meaning, Sentence Examples, Synonyms

Resonates with me meaning

The phrase “resonates with me” is very commonly used to demonstrate an emotional connection with person, place, idea, or thing. Something that resonates with you has deep personal meaning. People use this phrase to talk about books, music, movies, lectures, and other forms of art. There are many synonym phrases you can use instead of … Read more

Say Less: Meaning, Synonyms, Examples

say less meaning

“Say less” means that fewer words are required in order to convey a specific point or message. This is a slang expression that should only be used in informal settings. There are many formal and informal synonyms that can be used instead of “say less” including “enough said”, “point taken”, “I hear you”, and more! … Read more