Gooses or Geese – Which Is Correct?

picture of showing difference between goose vs geese

Probably one of the most commonly confused words by new & experienced writers alike is gooses & geese. Creating the plural form of a word can often be a tricky process. For some reason, the plural form of goose seems to trip up many writers. In this post, we’ll teach you exactly how to choose … Read more

Name and Me or Name and I – Which Is Correct Grammar?

Should I Say John & I went to the game or John & me went to the game

There is often confusion when trying to write about what more than one person has done or is going to do. This is because the rules for subject and personal pronouns can be confusing for new writers. Writers often make mistakes when thinking about if they should say “name and me” or “name and I” … Read more

Either or Ither – Learn The Difference

What is the difference between Either vs Ither

If you’re an English learner, there’s a good chance you’ve come across the words “either” and “ither.” They both sound similar, and they both have similar meanings – but they’re not the same word. In this post, we’ll teach you exactly how to choose between either or ither in your writing! Is There A Difference … Read more

Unto vs Onto – What’s The Difference?

Should I say Onto or Unto

There are many words in the English language which are frequently confused by new writers. Take in regard or in regards for example. The two words unto vs onto are a perfect example of just that. In this post, we’ll break down the difference between these two similar words so that you can avoid making … Read more

Upto or Up To – What’s The Correct Usage?

Should I say he is upto or up to no good

Do you know the difference between “upto” and “up to”? Most people don’t! This actually follows the same grammar rules as in case or incase! In fact, many people mistakenly use upto when they actually mean up to. So, what’s the correct usage? In this article, we’ll teach you the difference between “upto” or “up … Read more

Freshmen or Freshman – Pick The Correct Spelling

comparing difference between freshmen vs freshman

As a freshman in high school, or college, you’re probably wondering which spelling is correct – freshmen or freshman. Both are technically correct spellings, but they cannot be used interchangeably in all situations. In this post, we’ll teach you the difference between freshman or freshmen by ensuring your understand plural and singular nouns. Which Is … Read more

Sorry For Your Loss or Lost – Which Phrase Is Correct?

picture of a man thinking if he should say sorry for your lost or loss

Which phrase is correct – “sorry for your loss” or “lost”? Both phrases are commonly used, but only one is considered grammatically correct. In this article, we’ll explore the difference between these two phrases and when to use each one. We will also discuss some other appropriate ways to express sympathy or condolence messages. Which … Read more

Drive Safe or Drive Safely – Pick The Right Phrase

Should I Drive Safe or Drive Safely

Where do you stand on the Drive Safe or Drive Safely debate? Are they both equally correct, or are there subtle differences between the two phrases? The English language is full of words & phrases that seem identical, but often have slightly different meanings, just like the words pricy or pricey. In this blog post, … Read more

Momma or Mama – Which Is Grammatically Correct?

man thinking about whether or not he should say momma or moma

No matter which language you speak, slang & nicknames are used. You might call your brother Nicholas by his nickname ‘Nick’. You might also call your mother by her nickname ‘mama’. But is this correct? In this article, we’ll teach you how to choose between momma or mama. It is important to use the right … Read more