As Well As – Grammar Rules 101

As Well As Comma Usage

Knowing when & when not to use commas is one of the hardest parts of grammar. Using a comma incorrectly can completely change the meaning & flow of a sentence. This is especially true when it comes to using the phrase “as well as”. In this article, we’ll teach you how to use commas correctly … Read more

However Punctuation Rules 101

however punctuation rules

Most of us have been using “however” in our writing for years. Unfortunately, many of us have been punctuating this word all wrong. There are just a few simple rules to remember to have you writing like a pro. In this article, we’ll explain the punctuation and grammar rules for using “however”. Learn To Punctuate … Read more

Association or Organization – Which Word Is Correct?

Should I say Organization or Association

People often get confused about the words “association” and “organization.” In fact, many people use these two words interchangeably. However, these are two different things with different meanings. In this post, we’ll clear up the confusion and help you choose correctly between association or organization. Is It An Association or Organization? Although these terms are … Read more

32 Wordy Phrases & Wordy Sentences (Infographic)

Wordy sentences

A wordy phrase or sentence is created when a writer uses far too many words in a sentence. Sentences should have the minimum number of words necessary to effectively communicate a message. Adding excessive or unnecessary words is distracting to the audience and can lower the quality of your writing. Below is an infographic that … Read more

20 Common Lazy Word Choices (Infographic)

Lazy word choices

Lazy words are words that are too simple. These are low-effort words which are used far too often by new and experienced writers. If you use these 20 lazy words too often, you should consider mixing up your word choice. You can even use our AI Re-wording tool to come up with alternative words & … Read more

Which Phrase Is Correct: Mine As Well or Might As Well?

Might as well

The phrases “mine as well” and “might as well” can both be used correctly depending on the sentence context. “Mine as well” is used to show ownership of an object. “Might as well” is used to indicate that the action being considered is a reasonable choice given the circumstances. Although both phrases can be used … Read more

Intricate Text Grammarly – What Is It & How To Fix

Grammarly intricate text

“Intricate Text” in Grammarly refers to sentences that are too complex and wordy. If you have come across this, we can help! Read on to learn how. Grammarly – including Grammarly Premium – is a powerful tool that can be used to help improve the quality and readability of your writing. Sometimes you may need … Read more

Succesfully or Successfully: Correct Spelling, Definition, Sentence Examples

Successfully Spelling

Successfully is the correct spelling of the adverb of success. Succesfully is an incorrect spelling and should not be used in your writing. Performing or accomplishing a task successfully means that you achieved your goal or desired outcome. Soldiers, sports teams, business people, and students can all perform tasks successfully. Read on to learn how … Read more