Intricate Text Grammarly – What Is It & How To Fix

“Intricate Text” in Grammarly refers to sentences that are too complex and wordy. If you have come across this, we can help! Read on to learn how.

Grammarly – including Grammarly Premium – is a powerful tool that can be used to help improve the quality and readability of your writing.

Sometimes you may need help cleaning up your writing to make sure your emails come across as professional, like if you have a particularly wordy sentence or you’re incorrectly using the passive voice. Other times you might require assistance writing papers, essays, or any other type of long-form, academic writing to ensure you’re not publishing an abundance of grammatical errors, text inconsistency, or English grammar mistakes. No matter what you need assistance with, Grammarly can be an outstanding resource.

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While it is certainly a very useful resource, some of the prompts that will appear in Grammarly can be confusing if you do not know what they mean.

To help you understand how to use Grammarly to its full potential, we are going to quickly explain what is meant by the “Intricate Text” warning within Grammarly. We will also explain how you can fix these issues and prevent them from appearing in your writing. And if you want to try our very own Grammar Checker, you can get your writing reviewed 100% FREE.

What Is “Intricate Text” Grammarly?

example of intricate text in grammarly

When using Grammarly, the phrase “Intricate Text” is used as a warning, or prompt, to indicate that a highlighted segment of text should be phrased in a clearer and more concise way. This is something that competitors like the Wordtune online editor does not provide.

You might be wondering why intricate writing would be flagged by Grammarly as a bad thing, especially if you are writing about a complex topic. The truth is, in most cases, overly complex text and long sentences will just confuse your audience. Your typical sentence doesn’t need to be an intricate puzzle.

Grammarly uses the “Intricate Text” prompt to encourage you to make your writing more readable. After all, there is a limit to how many words you can put in a paragraph without being overly wordy. As you know, there are always ways to communicate a thought or topic in ways that are easier for readers to understand, which usually means a clearer sentence, not an intricate sentence.

What Are Examples Of Intricate Text?

Here is a list of intricate text examples that Grammarly can detect.

  1. Overly Long and Complex Sentences
  2. Unnecessarily Advanced Vocabulary & Technical Terminology
  3. Wordy Phrases and Redundant Sentences
  4. Inconsistent Verb Tenses
  5. Subject-Verb Agreement problems
  6. Incorrect Punctuation or Capitalization

Where Does the “Intricate Text” Warning Appear?

If you are using Grammarly’s online editor tool, which requires a premium subscription, you will notice “Intricate Text” warnings within the advanced suggestions box. It is compatible with Word, Mac, Slack, Microsoft Outlook, Gmail, and more!

A Grammarly review will highlight the segment of text that is deemed too intricate, which will indicate that something needs to be rectified. In many cases, the Grammarly editor will also suggest revised sentences.

You can either choose to replace the segment with the Grammarly alternative or use it as inspiration when fixing the writing yourself. Either way, the prompt should encourage you to re-read the highlighted segment and consider how you could simplify that particular piece of text.

When Will the “Intricate Text” Warning Appear?

You may notice that this warning appears more frequently when you have written a lengthy sentence that contains very little punctuation. Grammarly’s intricate text checker will tell you when you have overly complicated sentence structure. This is a great feature that other competitors like QuillBot don’t have.

  • When a sentence is longer than it needs to be, it usually contains multiple dependent clauses. Grammarly may suggest rewriting it into two separate sentences. Run-on sentences often confuse and bore readers, which is why it is so important to make sure that you do not try to cram too many thoughts into a single sentence.
  • The “Intricate Text” warning can also appear if a sentence contains numerous errors in both spelling and punctuation.
  • It can appear if a sentence repeats the same word several times. Repeated words are not necessary and distracting to an audience.
  • Overuse of adjectives is another thing that Grammarly will look for when assessing whether or not a sentence is considered to be “Intricate Text.” This is because using too many adjectives can make your writing seem superfluous and over the top.
  • When your writing contains too many subordinate clauses or reverse verbs, Grammarly’s intricate text checker will suggest you reconsider your writing style.

Remember, it is always important to aim for clarity in your writing and avoid complicated sentences. However, not ALL long sentences are bad. Even the longer sentences can have their place if structured correctly.

How Can You Fix “Intricate Text” Warnings in Grammarly?

Fixing “Intricate Text” is not a very difficult task. As mentioned above, Grammarly will often suggest alternatives.

With that being said, a fairly basic understanding of grammar and sentence structure should help you avoid any grammar mistake that would trigger an “Intricate Text” Grammarly warning.

How Can You Prevent “Intricate Text” Warnings in Grammarly?

One of the easiest ways to avoid the “Intricate Text” warning is to make sure that your sentences only contain one complete thought rather than multiple, unrelated thoughts. Getting rid of intricate text is one of the reasons grammar is important!

While there is always a temptation to inject multiple thoughts into a single sentence, either by using a semicolon or by simply increasing the amount of words that appear in the sentence before a period, this can confuse your readers.

In most cases, sentences that have a clear beginning and end will make it much easier for your readers to understand your intended meaning. As you would expect, these more meaningful and concise sentences will also help you avoid seeing “Intricate Text” warnings throughout your writing.

Sentences that overuse a particular word or phrase can also trigger one of Grammarly’s “Intricate Text” warnings. The intricate text error is meant to improve your own writing quality and fix overly complex sentences.

Why Should You Pay Attention to the “Intricate Text” Warnings in Grammarly?

The more you use Grammarly, the easier it will be for you to notice the types of sentences that will trigger various warnings.

Given enough time and practice, avoiding common writing mistakes will become second nature. While Grammarly is really effective at reviewing your work so you can avoid leaving obvious errors in your writing. When compared to other competitors like ProWritingAid vs Grammarly, it can also be viewed as an effective training tool.

Learning how to write clearly, concisely, and meaningfully is one of the best ways to improve the overall quality of your writing. Whether you are simply writing out an email or working on a major piece of writing such as a thesis or annual report, having sentences that are easy to understand and read will help keep your intended audience engaged.

You always want the entire piece of writing to flow properly, as this will make it more likely that your points will be understood. Given how effective Grammarly is at highlighting these common types of errors, it can be an incredibly valuable resource.

What Other Issues Can Grammarly Detect?

Grammarly can detect a wide variety of issues including but not limited to spelling mistakes, grammar & punctuation errors, and incorrect sentence structure.

  1. Spelling Mistakes: Grammarly can identify misspelled words and offer correct spelling suggestions.
  2. Grammar and Punctuation Errors: Grammarly can detect grammatical errors such as incorrect verb forms, subject-verb agreement issues, misplaced modifiers, punctuation mistakes, and more.
  3. Sentence Structure: Grammarly can analyze sentence structure and offer suggestions to improve clarity, eliminate run-on sentences, and correct fragment sentences.

Here is a list of 20 common lazy words that Grammarly can detect. It is recommended that you avoid using these words.

FAQs – Fix Intricate Text Grammarly

Q: What does intricate text mean?

In the context of writing, intricate texts refer to overly complicated sentence structures or use of difficult words. You may think this makes you seem intelligent, but it really just confuses your audience.

Q: What does it mean when Grammarly says hard to read text?

If you’re seeing the “hard to read” message from Grammarly, it means that our algorithms have determined that your text could be easier to understand if you broke it into multiple sentences. It could also mean that you have used redundant vocabulary.

Q: What does inappropriate colloquialisms mean in Grammarly?

Inappropriate colloquialisms mean slang, informal, or localized language that is not typically used in formal writing. For example, the word “ain’t” is an inappropriate colloquialism because it is only used in informal speech and would not be appropriate for a formal essay.

Q: What does text inconsistencies mean?

In writing, text inconsistency refers to cases where the same word or phrase is used with different meanings within the same body of text. This can confuse the audience and does not present a consistent message.

Q: What are phrases Grammarly?

In Grammarly, phrases are considered to be small groups of words that communicate a concept but aren’t full sentences. They can be important for adding clarity or emphasis to your writing, and you’ll want to make sure they’re properly punctuated.

Q: Can Grammarly shorten text?

Grammarly is a great tool to help you shorten your text by cutting redundant words and making your writing more concise. It also helps you avoid common grammar mistakes so that your text reads smoothly. And is Grammarly safe to use? 100% yes.

Final Thoughts

While the automatic “Intricate Text” warnings are not one of Grammarly’s best-known features, they should be seen as one of Grammarly’s most valuable. If you want to download Grammarly during the Holiday season, be sure to check out the Grammarly cyber Monday deals!

The best writers in the world know how to communicate their thoughts in ways that are easy for readers to understand. If you want to take your writing to the next level, consider subscribing to Grammarly and paying attention to the “Intricate Text” warnings that are built into this useful typing assistance application.

Remember, the “Intricate Text” feature is only available on the paid version of Grammarly, so it is worth considering a subscription if you want to take advantage of this valuable prompt.