How to Use Adjectives and Adverbs

Writers use adjectives and adverbs to add detail and specificity to their writing. Adjectives modify nouns, while adverbs modify verbs, adjectives, or other adverbs. However, overusing these modifiers can slow down the pace of your writing and make it sound choppy. In this article, we’ll discuss how to use adjectives and adverbs effectively in your … Read more

Flys or Flies: Which Is The Correct Spelling?

comparing the difference between the words flies vs flys

There are many words in the English language that can be easily confused. In fact, there are often two words that are spelled & pronounced very similarly. This can make it very difficult for new English speakers to understand. Having to choose between flys or flies is a prime example of such a rule. In … Read more

Payed vs Paid: Which Is The Correct Spelling?

image showing definition of payed and paid

In a previous article, we broke down the difference between the phrases Paid & Payed Attention. In this post, we will focus specifically on the difference between the past tense verbs paid and payed! Experienced and new writers alike get these two words confused because of their similar pronunciation. However, you will learn that these … Read more

Lifes or Lives: Which Spelling Is Correct?

picture of words lifes and lives

The English language is full of words that are spelled and pronounced similarly. There are even times when incorrect words become more popular than the correct spelling! Many new writers get confused about the difference between lifes and lives. Is lifes even a word? In this post, we’ll explain both these words & show how … Read more

Differences Between British and American English

If you’re learning to speak English in the British form, you may have noticed that there are differences in the way that Americans speak the language. You’d notice the same thing if you were learning American English and listened to a conversation between two British people. Although it’s the same language, there are differences in … Read more

How Long Should a Paragraph Be?

Have you ever wondered how long your paragraphs should be? Or whether you’re including too many or too few sentences in each one? In this blog post, we’ll discuss the ideal paragraph length and provide some tips for keeping your paragraphs concise and readable. Paragraph Basics Paragraphs, and the sentences that shape them, are perhaps … Read more