Lots or Lot’s – Is There A Difference?

thinking about the difference between lots vs lot's

The words “lots” and “lot’s” are two words that are commonly confused. Some writers think the apostrophe is needed. While others prefer not to use any punctuation at all. Which spelling is correct? In this post, we’ll teach you this spelling rule so that you don’t make a silly typo! What’s The Difference: Lots and … Read more

Axel or Axle – Which Spelling Is Correct?

There are certain words in the English language that have an alternative spelling. This can make spotting spelling mistakes extremely difficult! New writers often get confused when trying to decide between axel or axle in their writing. Which spelling is correct? In this post, we’ll give you the answer with some examples to illustrate the … Read more

Pedaling or Pedalling – Is There A Difference?

woman thinking about pedaling and pedalling

As a Grammar teacher, I frequently run into words which appear similar in spelling, but have totally different meanings. In fact, changing just a single letter can completely change the definition and use case of a word! In this post, we’ll examine the difference between pedaling or pedalling so that you can avoid making a … Read more

Hon or Hun – Which Is Short For Honey?

woman thinking about the difference between hun vs hon

If you have a grandmother, chances are you have been called hon or hun more times than you can count. At first glance, both of these words seem to be the shortened form of honey. But which spelling is correct? In this post, we’ll help you decide between hun and hon so that you can … Read more

To Me or For Me – Which Is Correct?

comparing the difference between the words for me or to me

Did you do something to me or for me? Many new writers get tripped up deciding between these popular phrases “to me” and “for me” in their writing. Some people think that these terms are interchangeable and is just a matter of personal opinion. Like with most grammar rules, the correct two words are determined … Read more

Reuse or Re-Use – Which Spelling Is Correct?

A small spelling difference can make a huge difference in the meaning of a phrase or word. Small changes in punctuation can have the same effect. One example of this can be seen in the words re-use or reuse. These words are spelled almost identically. But do they have the same meaning? Read on to … Read more

On Page or In Page? Which Is The Correct Spelling?

Is it on page 1 or in page 1

There is a long list of words in the English language which look similar and can be easily confused. The words “on” and “in” are two of the most commonly confused words. In fact, most people think you can use the two words interchangeably in their writing. To illustrate this rule with an example, this … Read more

Casual vs Causal – Which Is The Correct Spelling?

picture comparing the words casual and causal

The words “casual” and “causal” are very frequently confused by new writers for obvious reasons. After all, they are spelled almost identically! However, these words have two very different meanings. Using them interchangeably in your writing would be an embarrassing mistake. Luck for your, this article will help you make the distinction between casual vs … Read more

Other Than or Other Then – Which Is Correct?

Comparison of other then vs other than

It is very common to come across the phrases “other than” & “other then”. But which is correct? Then and than are two of the most commonly confused words in the English language today. The words lots or lot’s are another common example! Luckily, this article will break down the difference between other than or … Read more

He and I or Him and I – Which Is The Correct Pronoun?

man showing the difference between he and I and him and I

In the past, you may have heard people use the words “him and I” in a casual conversation. But is this correct? To know this answer, you first need to understand the difference between subject and object pronouns. Words like these and other then or other than are commonly confused. In this article, we will … Read more